Author Topic: BREAKING NEWS..Suge Knight: "Reggie Wright Played A Role In The Murder Of 2pac"  (Read 5754 times)


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what did you expect?

Sharifa to say I did it?

Culpepper to disbar himself by saying yes he violated atty/client privilege?

Suge Knight Jr hasnt seen his dad in well over 2 years and their relationship is rocky at best.

(ps, there is a recording of this, but that would be a NUKE option)


To be fair, you can apply the same logic to the Keefee D audio.  Of course he is going to deny it and say that he was lying or that he was forced to say those things.  Realistically, do you see him admitting publicly to have ratted out his crew?

Where did the affidavit come from?  Not that this document was going to bring anything back into the courts, but the issue is that it's probably inadmissible anyway, since usually when there is an affidavit introduced as evidence, they call upon whoever signed it to confirm under oath that its theirs and that they signed it.  The weird thing is how incomplete it is, for an affidavit.  Poole was in the LAPD for nearly 20 years -- he had very likely seen a lot of affidavits, whether they were his own or ones that other people filled out, and with his experience, it should have been almost second-nature, and the document just seems kind of wrong to me.  Look at any blank template or completed, custom affidavits.  He went out of his way to type this, but didn't even make a line for his signature?  Or type his name on the document near where his signature would go?  Or handwrite the FULL date?  (Yes, I realize that the full date appears typed on the document but at the top and that it says "7/2015," but any signed legal document requires a complete date.)  Or indicate his title (i.e. "Witness")?  It just seems a little amateur, uncharacteristic for a decorated cop who spent years on the force and doing investigations and likely filled out paperwork on a daily basis.


I personally believe that Orlando Andersen killed 2Pac, perhaps with help from Keefe D, but I don't buy that Puffy agreed to pay a bounty on 2Pac. I think that was just Keefe D trying to give them a bigger name in order to flip and get a reduced sentence. The rule of thumb is that you can only flip if there is a bigger fish to fry. If you're the biggest target they can nab, then you have nothing to offer by flipping.

Jay Wallace

This has to be fake. First off, Suge lives by the rules of the streets and if it was real, he'd never snitch on this. This looks to be a false accusation set in motion to put heat on people he doesn't like.
  Isn't providing legal information that links Dr. Dre to an attempted assassination a violation of said code?