Author Topic: Easily the dumbest shit I ever wrote and actually put effort into -Ice Cube Diss  (Read 11781 times)

Ebony Zebedee

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Preachin cash rules to trap fools in wack schools of thought
Dirty mack packin the gat in the back of the Porsche
Corrupt as fuck
But it dont matter
Pushin rhymes like weight
Tippin the scales with album sales
Sold out shows from state to state
Reppin the west
Servin stress
But you'll never see the P
Ask about me
bringin wallstreet to its knees
I flip bricks into hits
You drop girls
I drop stock tips
Thats the bounce where it counts
Dont wiggle my ass or jiggle my tits
You spit bout bitches on ya dick
I thought your pickle weren't edible
You said you was incredible
You're just unforgivable
Im unforgettable
Wanna be the baddest
Addicted to the madness
Toss a cave bitch and call the ho an actress
I been writin for the people since elementary
Im eloquent and heaven sent
And yes I seen the P
You the big pimpin
Shot caller
Don mega
Big baller
Bitches bowin down got ya feelin 6 foot taller
Callin yaself a diet
Fuck it
Im made to order
Ebony neck
Gettin ready for the slaughter

Hatin on me cos Im celibate
Im intelligent
You're irrelevant
I come through stompin like an elephant on nazis for the muthafuckin hell of it
Better lace them big black boots fore you come walkin through my town
Greedy like lench mob
Holdin it down for the pound
Fuck the kkk
How bout the triple c
Thats the caboolture cotton company
You like a peckerwood pickin on ebz no kneez
I wanna wet t shirt to play with
A yo yo
And a bloody ak
Cash over ass muthafucka
Each and every god damned day
I thought ya didnt fuck with faggots in kaki g strings
I got a g for ya jack
With a string attached
Fuck everythang and everything
I love it when they call me big momma
Queen of the hill on holland road
Wanna play double dutch
Skip skip
Got ya caught up with death row

You can call me
Thats doctor who to you
Fuck the party
And the army
I aint takin sides ya fool
Friday was a fantasy
That was a good day
Your piros plastic
Ego tactics
So fuck what you say
I aint a guppie
You might be a big fish
But im a human standin over the pond
With a muthafuckin fishin rod
You can call it a bloody wand
You might be rich as fuck but you smell strangè
Someone call jay z
This guy be talkin bout bey
Horny lil devil
Chillin with the strippers
I used to hang with the boys in the hood
Weed and alcohol was our riches
They liked my nikes
I kept it tight
They laid the pipe
I jumped on the mic
If you Ike thats only cos Tina crossed you out
She down for life
Im crazier than a boat full of brothers tryin to make they way back to Haiti
I dont smoke crack baby
I was a smack baby
Representin for the 80s

(I do not condone anything Ive written here. Just feeling like a hipocrit cos Ive since learned how to recognize my own deluded obsession I used to have with cube after hallucinating him and I regurlarly encounter trolls online who target high profile people, never quite realizing how pathetic they seem and how desperate for attention their vitriol of abuse is percieved. Im not innocent. Cube did nothing to provoke me. Im just an ex troll who want to own their past obsession and admit to my failings by publicly ousting myself)

Heavenly Ebony

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This needs to be retitled



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Sccif LOVES your work. Catfishing.


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Provin ur sensual prefo.