Author Topic: Funk Flex shits on 2Pac: "Pac panicked and shot himself at Quad studios"  (Read 4479 times)


Eh, it's nothing we didn't already know, so Flex is just trying to get attention.  Pac shit always makes the headlines.  Just look at DJ Vlad's YouTube channel.  He can interview a no-name guy, but once the guy says anything about Pac, that goes in the video title.

Flex is a cornball now, and way less relevant these days.  To be honest he's just one of those NY heads who gets pissed because the guy he rode with (Biggie) doesn't get that same love that Pac gets, so his form of riding for his man is to ride against the other guy rather than to rep his man.

The reality is that while people like both Pac's and Big's music, nobody on the West Coast really jock Big, but a lot of people on the East Coast, even in Brooklyn, jock Pac.

Damn near everyone in battle rap mentions Pac at some point.  Math Hoffa is from Brooklyn, he made a home-based clothing line called "Pac Juice."

Look at Nore, from Queens himself and even beefed on wax with Snoop and DPG by affiliation.  On his podcast Drink Champs, damn near every episode, he brings up Pac and asks the interviewee how they knew him.

Flex is just salty, don't feed the troll.  Nothing to see here.

Real talk right here, this is 100% true.

Big was a good rapper, but his influence on the culture overall is much much smaller than Pac's

The reason is that people love Pac's interviews and love Pac the man. Biggie was a cross eyed down syndrome low energy guy. People can feel the music but the man is not inspiring.

Flex is a bitch made nigga. Someone is going to blast this nigga for his hatred of Pac.
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I remember I knew people from Queens in the 90's/2000's in college, and they all put 'Pac over BIG. It was like, their love for Nas made it so they could pick 'Pac over BIG, because BIG was seen as the true threat to Nas, and 'Pac was the enemy of my enemy. It was some interesting stuff, but made for some drama that hasn't been seen ever. Maybe that's a good thing.


Pac was a industry thug or studio gangsta. When he sign with suge he start act gangsta and shit.

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I dont know who's the biggest clown nowaday between Flex and Budden...


You guys see mike epps on IG ??
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You guys see mike epps on IG ??

that was greatness, can't wait for Flex to have another breakdown over it on IG live lol

Flex should rant next about why he beats women and how he was butt-buddies with Mr. Cee


Looks like someone needs to calm him down...


Looks like someone needs to calm him down...

might be cbo



Fuck FUCKMASTER FLEX dudes a bitter bitch. C-Bo big ups G.


it 100% won't happen but I would love for Flex to try calling C-Bo out LOL
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It's horrible to have to see what was once a prominent name in Hip Hop have to resort to "low blow" attention seeking methods to get some exposure through heat. Even Mobb Deep and others 2Pac had issues with and made some pretty degratory remarks about aren't even disrespectful, quite the contrary - They even go as far as praising his work that 'dissed' them.

But the other problem he'll now face is that due to the longevity of 2Pac having iconic status, being endorsed by other Hop Hop legends (Jay Z, Will Smith as an example) and other celebrities now removes his past blemishes while he was alive, as it does with any deceased celebrity holding iconic status, it's going to create career issues for him in the long run. Not to mention it's not the first time and if he continues he runs the risk of physical harm
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Why y'all hatin' on anybody that's speakin' the truth 'bout 'Pac?

'Pac was not a gangster..

He claimed MOB and denied claimin' MOB, at the same time. He was not a gangster.

'Pac repped blue rags, than switched to red rags, but he was not a gangster.

'Pac got killed by SSCC because he tried to get himself involved in a gang war, but he was not a gangster.


Because in the manner that it's done. Sure, his image was 'acted' and the real 2Pac though passionate was in reality quite soft and emotional but he cared for people, somewhat more than can be expected even from celebrities, and made some undeniable classic music for Hip Hop. So it'd be fine to be critical and even expose some of the 'acts' but to give merit to the character and accomplishments to give a fair balance that doesn't come off spiteful, bitter and hateful
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It's not only that, but Flex is a guy who really has no grounds to hate on Pac.  And the guys who do, don't.  Puff doesn't say anything, he's busy chasing a billion dollars.  Same thing with Jay-Z, also going for a billion.  Mobb Deep and Junior M.A.F.I.A. dropped their issues and all eventually became cool with the Outlawz.

Meanwhile, Ford stopped using Funkmaster Flex to chrome out their trucks years ago, so I guess he has some time to kill.


the only real check Flex even sees yearly anymore is Summer Jam lol outside of that dude just DJs a bunch of hood clubs/bars when he's not on the air