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When Will They Matter To You
« on: May 19, 2017, 02:48:30 AM »
Is there ever gonna be an end to the message that they send that there’s no such thing as equality if you identify as the minority?
Is there ever gonna be a time when we stop committing that age old crime of racism, prejudice and  oppressiveness.
Are we gonna keep moving forward cos it’s seems we’ve regressed.
Is it just that there’s more cameras to capture abuse?
Cos they still using the same old tired excuse.
Is it an issue for you that Blacks, Muslims or Jews, are at risk simply cos they exist?
That’s the truth.
It’s a fact that if you don’t identify as white that you’re labelled as other and expected to fight for a right that us whites complacently hold and begrudge those that tell us they’ve been left in the cold.
Do you really need to experience the pain to identify another man as the same, as an equal, a human, worthy of all you hold.
Is it that you don’t care or refuse to be told?
How many people need to go down in the name of injustice till you feel honor bound to stand up and demand that they be valued too and treated as equally important as you?
Too many gone but you see plenty more ready to fall victim to this centuries old war where if you’re not white you’re not right and labelled guilty before you even get to put in a plea.
Can you see past your own nose to know that its true, that you’re favoured and privileged therefore you should use your advantage to help those labelled as less and make racism an issue to address.
It’s not like there’s nobody making it clear.
People have told us over and over that they live in true fear.
Of Police, white supremacists, the systems bias, the law, where it’s legal to kill a man who follows orders.
We’re trying to ban burqas but the klan can wear hoods.
We can’t even see the trees from the woods.
Over 70% of hate crimes committed in the States are by white supremacists but there’s been no war to date, against white supremacy and threat that it poses, you’d rather follow funk flex listenin to 2 guns and roses, never truly valuing the humanity of man, you claim that you down but you’re just a fake fan.
When YOU gonna fight in the name of the dead, when there’s nobody left? When? It’s already been said.
Black lives matter, Asians, Arabs, Hindus.
What I wanna know is when will they matter to you?


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