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Finally released after years of been talked about.

Basically tells there story together by using previous biggie verses and a few unheard ones and faith adding her singing 7 story to the tracks. his mum also does the interludes on the album & several artists that Biggie was close too are on the album, very very impressed by it.


1. “A Billion”
2. “Legacy”
3. “Beautiful (Interlude)”
4. “Can’t Get Enough”
5. “Don’t Test Me”
6. “Big / Faye (Interlude)” (Feat. Jamal Woolard)
7. “Tryna Get By”
8. “The Reason”
9. “I Don’t Want It” (Feat. Lil’ Cease)
10. “I Got Married (Interlude)” (Feat. Mama Wallace)
11. “Wife Commandments”
12. “We Just Clicked (Interlude)” (Feat. Mama Wallace)
13. “A Little Romance”
14. “The Baddest (Interlude)”
15. “Fool for You”
16. “Crazy (Interlude)” (Feat. 112 & Mama Wallace)
17. “Got Me Twisted”
18. “When We Party” (Feat. Snoop Dogg)
19. “Somebody Knows” (Feat. Busta Rhymes)
20. “Take Me There” (Feat. Sheek Louch & Styles P)
21. “One in the Same”
22. “I Wish (Interlude)” (Feat. Kevin McCall & Chyna Tahjere)
23. “Lovin You for Life” (Feat. Lil’ Kim)
24. “NYC” (Feat. Jadakiss)
25. “It Was Worth It”

The track with busta is  8) 8) 8)
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Gave it a quick listen and wasn't that impressed although I really liked the track with Jada


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how much of the biggie material is actually new?


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Wouldn't mind hearing the Primo, Fredwreck and Battlecat productions.
Charlie, lost his life right in front of the party...


not great, not terrible, overall it didn't necessarily have to happen lol


Its a big pile of shit. I hate this recycled garbage people use of big.