Author Topic: Bishop Lamont, Dre, Detox, What Could've Been And What It Was...  (Read 2299 times)


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Re: Bishop Lamont, Dre, Detox, What Could've Been And What It Was...
« Reply #25 on: June 14, 2017, 01:50:17 PM »
^naah, I genuinely thought the album was great, front to back, had it on repeat for all of summer 2015....the production was excellent and the raps were good too. Dre was using a kendrickesque style, which took some getting used to, but it was bad.....if u remember, he used an Eminem style for a lot of 2001, so it's not the first time he changed his sound, as he's had a multitude of ghostwriters over the years.....the only reason u don't like it is because dre's name is attached to it and u expect something totally different from him. but it's far from a bad album.

Good for you if you truly enjoyed it, its a wonderful feeling when a CD just clicks but for me this was more of a clack. Or clank. I'm used to Dre switching up his flow but this album just came across as pandering to the people instead of setting his own trend and thats why it came and went. Disposable music instead of timeless tracks and thats coming from someone who gave the album more than a fair shake, what I'm seeking simply isn't there in this case. An exceedingly poor release from Dre, even by 2015s low standards.

Hopefully he continues his pattern, he dropped The Chronic (classic) his next album Dr Dre Presents the Aftermath was panned by critics at the time.  Then he went back to his roots and came with the classic Chronic 2001.  Now the followup to that Compton flopped in the eyes of many.  Maybe he'll return to his roots and come back hungry and show he's still got it and can just be himself and release another masterpiece.  I have a gut feeling he won't ever release another album though.

It would be wonderful if he followed that pattern and made something new. I'd really like to hear his planets concept album or something totally leftfield with no rappers, another genre would be cool too or he could just start clearing his vaults. Either way Dre is done as he has no need to do it financially and as many others have eluded to before, he simply doesn't have it in him any more and without that spark you just produce Compton like garbage as there was no "Dre" in it, even though it featured him.

I really do think that Bishop could've bought something out of him (and vice versa) but Bishop seems arrogant and Dre ain't having that as he likes to call the shots but I think its this tip toeing around him that made him release Compton as everyone gassed him up to believe it was all that when it was flatter than week old soda as your view of this being "Dr Dre Presents..." Vol 2 is accurate.

i think the main issue with compton was that it wasn't promoted .. no singles, no videos, nothin .. if the album had that, it woulda been much bigger than it was. pretty sure that affected the overall outlook and prospects of it "coming and going"

EXACTLY!!!!! Wasnt promoted properly cuz they thought the movie would promoted it... poor advertising on Dre's behalf... but shit he a billionaire so it didnt matter anyways to him....Atleast he is gonna donate the proceeeds to a performing arts center in Compton in 2018


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Re: Bishop Lamont, Dre, Detox, What Could've Been And What It Was...
« Reply #26 on: June 15, 2017, 12:29:31 AM »
IMO, the truth is that Dre has been retired for yeeears but came out of retirement to drop "Compton" because he was inspired by the movie, but musically he was clearly inspired by Kendrick.  And "Compton" was just poorly conceived from the get go.  You see, "The Chronic" and "2001" were amazing to a large degree because they revolutionized the musical sound of hip hop when they dropped.  In contrast, "Compton" didn't revolutionize anything -- it was just Dr. Dre trying to do a Kendrick Lamar album.  As soon as Dre conceived that approach to "Compton" somebody around him like Jimmy Iovine should have squashed it.  But I figure Interscope didn't promote the album because they knew it wasn't anything special, so they just decided to drop it and let it breath or die organically without a big push.

I think of Dre as the Michael Jordan of hip hop.  And both their solo careers can be seen as equivalent in many respects:

MJ up until he started winning championships was an athletic marvel, but if you remember, the jury was still out on whether he could win a championship = Dre up until Death Row (a phenomenal producer, but the jury was still out on whether he could do it on his own without a crew like NWA)

"The Chronic" = MJ's first three-peat   ... both guys prove definitively that they are the best in the game and can't be touched

Dre leaves Death Row, experiences some turbulence with Aftermath Presents album = MJ's baseball fiasco, coming bacc out of shape to lose to the Magic in '95.  Doubters start to raise their voices.

"2001" = MJ's second three-peat ... Their game style has changed but they again ascend bacc to the mountain top and change the game yet again

"Compton" = MJ on the Washington Wizards ... They both come out of retirement, pretty much washed up and a shell of themselves, if you squint hard enough you can see flashes of their former greatness, but they can't pull it off like they used to anymore


Does "Compton," a forgetable Kendrick derivation with unmemorable lyrics and a "hopping on the bandwagon" production style hurt Dre's legacy?  Not for me.  When all is said and done, very few people will look bacc and even mention "Compton" -- it will be a footnote in Dre's career recap column, just as MJ's two years on the Wizards were.

Excellent analogy that sums it all up perfectly, great. Thing is some people are just full on groupie mode for Dre and can't see/hear the truth when it right in front of them and that is that this album has Dre sounding washed on so many levels. As I mentioned his sneaking it out alongside SOC to attempt to piggyback the hype whilst simultaneously hiding its release shows his lack of faith in it as we're talking about "Dre the perfectionist who records a 100 takes, picks the best one, compiles an album and then shelves it because its not up to his impeccable standards" here and this weedplate was just a sacrifice album to clear Detox out of the system as it had served its billion dollar unicorn purpose, hence the Compton sacrifice album.

i like your analogy, but id say compton is like a wilt on the lakers .. not at his best, no longer revolutionizing the game, but still delivered.

Just let it go, one man army of stans, let it go  ;D We get it, Dre could release a blank CD and you'd be all up on how revolutionary and well mixed it was and how we were just behind on game and not smart enough to appreciate what he's saying  ;)

theres actually a few folks in here echoing my sentiments...hope that doesn't bother u too much fam.