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Ebony Zebedee

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Reality Check
« on: June 03, 2017, 05:15:52 PM »
Is there any true value in honesty and truth
Don’t actually have to confess to validate their proof
And what is evidence for one man
For another is a lie
Can we really justify ourselves if the purpose is to deny

Do you see yourself as superior
Expressing what to you is true
Does it account for your behaviours or anything you do
Do you feel complacent defending your beliefs or acts
Do you think it really matters to those who don’t accept your facts

Are you dependent on approval
Do you seek to just belong
To a mentality or reality that has you justifying wrong
Do you hope to defeat an opposing view that threatens your wellbeing or life
Do you really think it possible
Are you willing to risk it
Revenge is rife

Is there any monetary value in asserting your human rights
Are they given to us or upheld for their sanctity or prized
Is there really any justice
Or is it all bout feeling justified
Is it precious or merely reckless to risk your wellfare
Run or hide

Do you value the humanity of those who seek to bring you harm
Are you swayed by affection
Do compliments disarm
Do you feed off adulation
Do you base self worth upon
Feeling right within your self even though to others you are wrong

Would you protect yourself at any cost
Knowing full well it’s a risk
As your freedoms are reliant on being valued
Who’s the snitch
The bully who boast about oppression
Or the victim who defends
Do you seek validation to be valued
Wether it be by foe or friend

Do you seek that sense of belonging
In a community or sect
Where conforming necessitates the sense of identity you respect
Are you an individual within a larger group
Whose opinion determines truth
You or those you glorify
Do you idolize the few

Is it a rarity to expose the pains
The crimes
Is it dependence or resentment that provokes you to assume the tyrants gods
Are you living in anticipation of rewards you may receive
If you accept a false belief based on your inferiority
Does humility seem weak
Does meekness seem to you a flaw
Where admiration is bestowed on those who prosper from the poor
Do you really need a platform or an audience to feel
That you are valuable and worthy and justified for all your zeal

Is there really any factor that determines what is true
Two sides to a coin
A situation
Or a ruse
Is manipulation the actual motive that motivates you to refuse
Accepting less than is acceptable according to nobody but you

Can you redeem yourself in the eyes of the oppressor who seeks your harm
Do you play his game connivingly for assurance to keep you calm
Do you worry about being genuine
Do you stress on being real
Is reality realistic or a fabrication of how you feel