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I Get It
« on: June 06, 2017, 02:28:36 AM »
I get it
You think Im too gullible to understand
Its not that Im confused
I just dont respect your stance
I dont wanna feed the same mentality that victimizes men
Whereas you enjoy the misery that helps you make them ends
I get it
Some are forced to commit horrendous acts
Others are manipulated
Still again there’s those who’re trapped
Then there’s all the reactions
Excuses comin out ya ears
The fact is you condone it and have been doing so for years
I get it
Im not special
And I say the same to you
You’re just animated atoms regardless of what you do
We’re all just trying to survive
The many or the few
Each of us replaceable if that’s what it comes down to
I get it
You’ve got an ego
You’ve got pride and principles
You expect others to respect you
It all seems so simple
But what is fair and just and acceptable
In your individual eye
Is a threat to the expectations of the other who denies
I get it
We’ve all crossed boundaries
You cant satisfy them all
Some people talk plain English
Other call human beings balls
To me it seems like gibberish
But you revel in the pain
Because it benefits you to a certain degree
Its just the way that you’ve been trained
I get it
You would not accept being victimized or abused
But you’ll consume the hurts of others and convince yourself that its excused
I get it
You’re so precious
Just like me
There’s only one you
But unlike you I see similarities
Whereas you’re blind to those who choose
I get it
Its a choice
I own mine everyday
You’re too busy looking for the next exploit to make another gain
You’ve got rookies riding coat tails
Dogs performing tricks for treats
Leeches lurkin in the dark
Ferals fuckin freaks
Sailors playin cowboy
Dimes droppin nickles for a vest
People chasing a percentage
Mothers making nests
I get it
Its human nature
Some think it civilized
To abuse their way through life in an effort to disguise
I get it
We just don’t agree
And I don’t expect you to
You consider my conscience a liability
So I say your lack of one is too
I get it
You feel no compassion
Cos its dog eat dog out here
Its all about the money
Its weak to show them fear
I get it
Its not original
Its what built the modern world
Nobody is valuable
Watch the misery unfurl
I get it
I don’t have to accept it for it to be acceptable
Its just a social norm
Dont mean its respectable
I get it
You dont have to explain yourself
Cos to me nothing could explain
Your lust or greed or ego or profitting from pain
I get it
We’re all outnumbered
The aim is to get in where you fit
Turns out Im not prepared to be a worthless piece of shit
I get it
It keeps you safe
It satisfies your need
To be valued and accepted by others who too admire the greed
I get it
We’ve all got regrets
We’ve all got issues
We’ve all got pasts
We’ve all got a dirty secret
We’re all playing our own parts
I get it
You feel worthy demeaning others to assure
Your delusional sense of supremacy based on breaking all the laws
I get it
There’s no need to justify yourself
Still you try
When you’re in like minded company and reminisce bout all your crimes
I get it
Your idea of justice is based on another mans abuse
And that makes you feel superior
But you can keep the tired excuse