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Positive Affirmations
« on: June 06, 2017, 03:29:59 AM »
So Iíll just focus on the good times
Cant rob me of the truth
Cant ruin a good memory
Cant deny me solid proof
Good people do exist
I wish them all so well
Im not the first person in the world to experience a living hell
Iíll cherish all my blessings knowing good and well theyíre rare
Iíll keep on speaking truthfully no matter how much they try to scare
Iíll pick my battles wisely
Thereís wisdom within truth
It satisfies my conscience
I dont really care bout you
Iíll honor those brave soldiers who fight for a just cause
Iíll try to encourage others to aim for peace instead of war
Iíll listen to my elders
Those who seek for better days
Iíll be conscious of the evil that threatens and pervades
Iíll discipline myself
Iíll rise above the hate
Iíll be grateful for the just reprieve that never comes too late
Iíll use my good fortune to effectively contribute to the greater good
Iíll try not to become so overwhelmed by woulda, coulda, should
Iíll expect respect but just accept that others arenít the same
Iíll appreciate individuality
Iíll acknowledge all the pain
Iíll listen to each mans story
Iíll keep my distance from those who seek
My demise by spreading lies to affect a future that seems bleak
Even when the road seems hard and all the battles up hill steep
Iíll just keep moving forward
Humble, honest, meek
Iíll focus on my fortune
Iíll cling to hope vainly
Even though it seems impossible
Iíll have to strain to see
Iíll keep my visions close to my heart
Iíll listen to the taunts
Use the hate as motivation
Try to redirect my thoughts
Iíll take note of all the negatives
Iíll educate myself in kind
Iíll experience whatís exceptional even if just in my mind
Iíll manipulate the situation to my advantage
Iíll survive
And if I suffer Iíll remind myself its just a part of life
Iíll try my best which may not be satisfactory to them
Iíll try to do whats right
I may be led astray again
Iíll try to treat each man as an individual
Iíll judge each of them accordingly even if theyíre not original
Iíll stress on having virtue although most days I feel unclean
Iíll piece together all the puzzles regardless how hard they seem
Iíll accept the facts
Choose my place
Try not to intrude
Iíll refuse to feel responsible for others who abuse
Iíll own all my misgivings
Iíll cherish all good traits
Iíll ignore the scores and hoards of snakes and fakes
Iíll retain my independence
Iíll keep my pride intact
Iíll relish in the realization that my truth is based on fact
Iíll be particular in my choices
Iíll forgive for where I wrong
Iíll learn my lessons humbly
I wont be led along
Iíll recognize my success is independent of my peers
Iíll make the most I can from life regardless of the jeers
Iíll try to develop a thicker armour to shield me from the pain
Iíll embrace my human nature even if its really vain
Iíll make decisions based on wisdom
Iíll learn my lessons and move on
And if it does so please me Iíll write about it in a song

Im just wasting my time biatch
This positive affirmations feels like a desperate attempt to make sugar outta shit
I hate this corny shit
But this irritating voice in my head said I was morose and depressive so I just tried to show it I can write positive shit even though it sucks
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