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Ebony Zebedee

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Basically I cant invest in anything or anyone
Everybody trying to save themselves from those who thrive on wrong
We’re all evading punishment while we keep on breaking laws
The difference is that I feel at risk while you’re so self assured

Your egos being stroked and they encourage you to sin
You’re rewarded for your crimes so you commit them for an in
You’re being tempted by flattery and complimentary gestures that precede
The money and reputation and opportunities you receive

We’re all just doing what seems clever, intelligent and wise
There’s profit in degradation as it happens to provide
A source of income for the devils who intend to silence and deprive
Those of us who were simply doing our utmost to survive

Im not sure if this will ever end
Im not sure if there’s an out
Is anybody immune to it
I seriously have doubt
That the sacredness and sanctity of human life is real
I used to think life precious now Im not sure how to feel

All anybody really wants is to rise above the lows
We’ve all got our own interpretation of how far we’ll actually go
And at one point what seems impossible could be a sinch tomorrow
You could steal anothers shine and all of a sudden feel aglow

Corruption exists in every faculty and facility of life
Whats there to invest in when your reality starts to bite
Most people are blind to it
Most people are vain
Never stepping past their shadow
Never getting board the train

Too many variables to ever be exact or sure
We’re all just gambling with our welfare hoping to afford
And when the harsh truths are bought to our attention
To the fore
We look back so regretfully wishing we’d never seen or saw

See I never asked for their attention but they saw value in me
I consider it an insult as it hinders my right to be free
And they seek to manipulate my situation to accrue
An advantage through my misery that is constantly consumed