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Ebony Zebedee

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Layin up in my room
« on: June 15, 2017, 10:06:14 PM »
Layin up in my room just tryin to make it through the night
And even when the sun comes up it don’t seem to shine so bright
Cos I got these dark cloud hangin over me everyday
Tryin to make sense of a reality where everything seems strange

Just layin up in my room thankful for my peace of mind
As elusive as it is it keeps me calm in troubled times
Its hard to differentiate between the good times n the bad
I don’t really flash a smile these days cos my heart be feelin bad

Layin up in my room troubled by the ills
Used to think it was a cop out swallowing the pills
Everybody wanna be entertained chasin cheap thrills
Im just layin up in my room tryin to chill

So Im layin up in my room greatful to be alive
Thankful that everything I need has been provided
Unaffected by all the evils even though they never rest
Im makin the most of my situation and that’s as good as this shit gets

Layin up in my room counting seconds, minutes, hours
Time flyin by so quickly
I keep thinkin bout how its now or never
Im better than I used to be
Just layin up in my room
Coulda waited till later
But forever seems too soon