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Ebony Zebedee

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« on: June 15, 2017, 10:34:06 PM »
Basically its sickening
The things running through my mind
Dont even wanna talk bout em less someone use what I describe
As a means to make apparent what I hope is just a lie
But knowing there’s evil people Im aware that they just might

Young men n women are being abused
Entire communities
And these devils think its intelligent
They’re amused
Enjoying the misery and suffering
Subjecting victims to their filth
They’ve not one ounce of integrity
They feel no remorse or guilt

There’s a market for all their degrading and debase infatuations
People flock to witness others be stripped of honest reputations
Salivating hoping to get a kick out of the pain
Never really realizing that their risk is just the same

You don’t actually have to break any golden rules
They do it for the money
The victims are simply tools
And the audiences refuse to realize that they’re thought of as complete fools
Paying pretty pennies to witness someone be abused

Snuff or stuff or whatever petty label you have will
Its not elite
Its just a means of revenue
To you a thrill
Like the gang paraphernalia
Like the loot looted from tombs
Its all just a means to profit
Nobody cares bout me or you

We delude ourselves with thoughts of hierarchy and status
We’re just individuals who congregate
Nothing really matters
Its just depends on how useful you are
How much your ass is worth
Are you willing to subject yourself and actually put in work

Sure there’s many blind to it
They walkin the easy road
They still sweatin for them dollars
Nobody actually outright owns
You’re still paying taxes to the man
They take a big chunk when you die
Thats why so many go offshore and hope the big man never finds

This has helped distract me for a few minutes today
A few minutes where I didnt have to hear the evil things they say
A few precious minutes that I may need to appreciate again
If my worst fears eventuate or rather when