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Ebony Zebedee

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They say the longer you been alone the harder you are to love
Cos you used to taking care of yourself instead of putting other men above
And its true
I got my back when no one else does
What you got to offer other than superficial stuff

They say time heals
Scars are signs you’ve lived
Imperfections can be beautiful
Just depends on how you think

Materialism only matters to those who need to shine
Dependent on being accepted in other peoples eyes

There’s a level of self respect taking pride in appearance
But you going above and beyond expecting us to fear it
Strip you of your finery
Rob you of your shine
What’s left to admire when flattery’s all you desire

They say the grass is greener
They keepin tabs on the Joneses
Half empty glass
Life aint a bed of roses
Milk behind the ears
Knee high to a fly
Fake ass shit for show ponies obsessed with do or die

You just following orders
You wanna be the boss
So you can give the orders
No matter what it cost
You not invested in humanity
If you was you’d try to stop
Ethics are elusive when you’re trying to reach the top

Compliments are condescending
They don’t respect your humanity
Pouncing on your weaknesses
Callin the truth insanity
They don’t even respect you but you call em family
 Rewarding your blind adulation knowin full well you cant see

Blood oaths lead to blood baths
You takin the rap
The big man is free
And apparently Im sposed to respect that crap

You tryin to get me to invest in a lie with no reward
I been alone so long your egocentrism leaves me bored

I’ve seen all types and every one of em took me for a fool
But Im alive and all the wiser
Just like the knowledge gained in school

They say there’s two ways to skin a cat
They say there’s plenty more fish in the sea
We’re all just trying to escape the traps
While the other tries to deceive