Author Topic: Dopey Lil Rhyme Bout MC Eiht  (Read 1604 times)

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Dopey Lil Rhyme Bout MC Eiht
« on: July 04, 2017, 10:49:51 PM »
So Im hyped
Im just a broke bitch but someone did me good
Im layin up in the suburbs wonderin what’s happenin in the hood
Cos a gangsta done a favor to poor lil ole me
And it got me feelin flyer than a feather in the breeze
I was trippin
Thinkin “Are you for real?”
I spose I’ll have to wait
But seriously Im feelin deadly
All beacause of MC Eiht
He said he gon send me a free copy of his CD
I wish I could bless everybody as poor and in awe of him like he blessed me
True god
All I did was comment on a post on instagram
A fan of his told me to buy the album n addressed me as his fam
I told him I cant afford it
Low n behold what happened next
MC Eiht be in my mentions sayin “Shoot me your address”
Now I might be a little paranoid
Cos you know it’s a web of lies
Got me thinkin should I tell him?
Don’t want no nasty ass suprize
But I figured it cant hurt since Im not that hard to find
So I DMd him my whereabouts feelin nothin but good vibes
Then I gots to thinkin bout all his loyal fans
And do I really deserve this honor
Im not a down ass bitch or stan
Theres people who’d give their last to get a chance to feel so blessed
Day one kinda people
The type to ride n die for the west
Its tricky
Just goes to show that gangstaz still got heart
I often wrestle with conviction and conscience bout the art
Like rap got my attention but it also got my soul
So Im hopin Eiht be blessin others who live the stories that he told
Im an observer lookin from the outside in
Other be inside lookin out
Neithers of us gotta cent to spare
And I dare say they got more clout
So Im just hopin Eiht be blessin others
Makin em feel as good as me
True god
Just made my broke behind feel a little free
And I know plenty got it worse than me
Goin without
Wishin for more
I hope Im not the only one
I got enough
Still Im unsure
Cos people showin love sometimes can be the only thing that proves
That it makes sense to keep positive n keep on makin moves
So bless it
Im just gon request that someone else be blessed
Someone who knows the culture
Lives it
Breathes it
Does they best
To rise above the odds n try to prosper in the game
Against adversity with certainty that they gonna find a way
I hope Eiht gives em that recognition
I hope he pays em mind
Could be the blessin that they need
Just getting a lil taste of his shine
Cos I know for sure he damn near blew my fuckin mind
To the point I wanna capture it in this dopey lil rhyme