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Ebony Zebedee

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Sad Reality
« on: July 05, 2017, 06:37:41 PM »
Always feelin watched like I got no privacy
Knowin good n well that they do just as they please
Some maggot saw a meal ticket when he cast his eyes on me
Got me paranoid and pissed as all got damn fuckery
Knowin Im not safe when I choose to close my eyes
Barricading bedroom doors to stop em gettin inside
Knowin good and well you don’t even need no memory
To be a victim of this sick dick devilsh infamy
Puttin ya bikes before your wife
Floodin the neighbourhood with ice
Makin scapegoats outta turn coats
Turnin tricks
Corruptin vice
Treatin freedom like a joke
Punchin pussies for the thrill
Hittin fannies
Initiation intimidatin innocents to kill
Got no desire to partake in this fucked up lil hell
Where nobody gives a fuck bout no one else but emself
I don’t want these snakes n fakes just for the love of company
Im in my element with anonymity
No need to front
Im free
Don’t want no back up
Don’t wanna feed no one else into this game
Where you’re valued for your victimhood
These parasites thrive on pain
Rather keep to my damn self
Trust no one
That’s the rule
Cant invest in their respect cos they weild it like a tool
Manipulatin you to prove that you’ll be down for them for life
When in reality you’re expendable
There is no loyalty
But still you'll fght
They’ll invade ya space
Chase ya
And you wont even know they there
They been doin it since the 70s
They think its clever
You call it fair
Cos you justify abuse if theres profit to be made
Same damn logic has people locked up
Its just another trade
The meat market
The horror shit
The sadists
The corrupt
Where if its profitable its permissable
No one gives a fuck
Like the outlaws said in war there’s no victory without casualty
On goes the tyrants reighn regardless
That’s the actuality
Of a sad reality
Where your only here as fodder for the devils family