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Singleton script with Tupac rape scene in prison leaks
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And according to a new report, it appears that the scene was included in an earlier script, written by Singleton in 2014. Reportedly, the script included:

    a scene where prison guards lock Tupac in the library, and turn the other way while other inmates assault him. When you read it … there’s a clear insinuation Tupac gets raped.

In addition to the Tupac rape scene, there also was an alleged scene that Singleton wanted to include which involved ‘Pac’s late mother, Afeni Shakur. Reportedly,

    The script, labeled “REVISION EIGHT,” also has a scene where Tupac watches his mother, Afeni, having “adult fun” with a man and another woman.

The script reads,

    The GUARDS usher in one by one about SIX INMATES. Their faces PREDATORY and DEGENERATE. These are the worst PRISONERS in his facility. One [of] them licks his lips eyeing ‘Pac. Tupac casually steps away and picks up a CHAIR. The GUARDS back away from the door then LOCK the LIBRARY. As they walk away we see the six men rush towards TUPAC and him fighting them off from the glass doorway, the camera pulls away and down the hallway as we hear the HORROR sounds of the prison.

Singleton has yet to respond to these reports.

In other news, on Friday (June 23rd), it was reported that the film was hit with a copyright infringement lawsuit. The suit was filed by Kevin Powell, who accused the film’s executive producers, screenwriters and distributors of lifting, without proper credit or compensation, his exclusive VIBE cover interviews.
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