Author Topic: Gonzoe and Muszamil sound Retarded dissing Young Noble  (Read 635 times)


Gonzoe and Muszamil sound Retarded dissing Young Noble
« on: July 09, 2017, 08:31:31 AM »
Lots of dissing being thrown lately at EDI and Young Noble, some of which sound justified, other which sound retarded.

The one that I really don't get is Muszamil and Gonzoe dissing Noble for "just being a barber" and for "barely knowing Tupac."

Look at Noble's credentials: he's the only rapper featured on 4 tracks on Makaveli; he performed with Pac on stage at the House of Blues; he must have recorded around 30-35 songs with Pac overall in 1996; there's hand-written documents from Pac indicating that he planned to release a Young Noble solo album on Makaveli Records.

Compared with Gonzoe: he recorded, as far as I know, just two songs with Pac (Dumpin and This Life I Lead). Never was an official Outlaw. Just one of about a hundred rappers that Pac kicked it with in 96.

Compared with Muszamil: as far as I know, he never recorded a single song with Pac during his lifetime. And I think he's featured on just one posthumous song (Catchin Feelings). The only proof that he ever even knew Pac is a single picture that he uploads often to his Instagram. And Pac shouts him out on the outro of "As The World Turns." That's it, unless there's something I'm missing.

So...can somebody explain to me how these two feel justified dissing Noble?
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Re: Gonzoe and Muszamil sound Retarded dissing Young Noble
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Gonzoe's just reaching for more and more newfound internet fame (thanks to Wack 100 mostly), his name alone was literally never relevant until he started piggy-backing off 2Pac's name and now dissing Outlawz lol sad