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Ebony Zebedee

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Still trippin
« on: July 15, 2017, 04:09:04 AM »
So I just console my weary mind reminiscing about the truth
I don’t focus on all the times I was disrespected or denied the proof
I focus on overcoming hardship and sufference
It heals my troubled soul
Regardless of indifference
Nothing original about intimidatin people to perform
Nothing glorious about infamy or raping babies newly born
Nothing masterful bout oppression
Nothing courageous about these fouls
They’re just insignificant insects intent on having us all hell bound
So I just remind myself that there’s always something beautiful
Not necessarily tangible
Independant of the fool
Who feels he is not worthy if he doesnt have convenience
Plenty are denied the right to live without defence
I’ll just try to focus on my blessings
I’ll strive to rise above the lows
Those deep seeded resentments that have us stalking all our foes
I dont wanna waste my time consumed with bitter hate
I’d rather while away the hours content and try to appreciate
Surely its all worth it
Then again maybe its not
Is justice really plausable
Dont tell me you forgot
All the soldiers that came before you
Who stood up for what was fair
Risked their life so you could prosper
And now you act like you dont care
I’ll just try to have an itty bitty little bit of pride
Even though I am tormented by these devils in my mind
And the fact is my reality is all the proof I need
To know that all my foes are motivated by the greed
I’ll just accept the facts
Harsh truth
Where prejudice provides a profit regardless of disgustingness
We all benefit from the oppression of men in foriegn lands
Nobody’s immune to it
Its not exactly grand
We’re all consuming misery
Making profit out of sin
That fuel in your cars engine encourages slavery to begin
And all those shiny trinkets that adorn your hands and neck
Are evidence of oppression
Nothing is sacred
Did you forget
Its a simple fact of matter
The matter of the fact
That your freedom is provided by keeping other people trapped
So I’ll just recognize with regret, humility and shame
That all these common luxuries encourage sin and pain