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“Tut, nigga who was accused of shooting Pac at Quad. Was part of the A-Team gang in Cypress Hills projects in Brooklyn in the 80s. Red shirt

Also muscled Diddy for a job at Bad Boy records along with Jimmy Henchman and Haitian Jack

Tut with his son

left to right..Domencio,who Alpo and WaynePerry had killed..Tyson.. Haitian Jack who set Pac up. and Scooter who allegedly helped set Pac up

Domencio and Hommo (Mike Tyson’s best friend who allegedly shot 50 9 times)

Tyson, and Hommo

Domencio in 1987. Alpo had him killed cause Domencio slapped his wife. Nigga had Wayne Perry’s goonies shoot him in a basketball game

I know Alpo killed Domencio for fucking his bitch bc they asked Alpo why he kill him and he said “he was an embarassment to himself” 😂

Niggas can never say “cause he fucked my bitch” they always gotta give some political answer

Haitian Jack chilling today looking like a square in DR as if he wasnt one of the most psychotic feared gangsters in 80s/90s NYC 😂😭

Alpo when he finally got caught in November 1991 😂😭

Pac was crazy for getting into business with these niggas. Tyson warned him and as you see Tyson was closely affiliated with these niggas

Jimmy Henchman with Doug E Fresh and Fab 5 Freddy. Son had no swag. In the polo. Swaggerless niggas the most fierce tho

nigga had Pac shot up, shot Tony Yayo’s mom house up, tried to kill 50 and Yayo, had Yayo’s man killed, and had Suge shot in the leg

Jimmy Henchman was also in that vid when Mike Tyson is telling dude “i’ll fuck you in the ass”. Its very brief. Nigga looked the devil

video –

Omar from The Wire grew up with him. Said niggas used to deadass be scared of him in the 80s. I think the character Omar was based on him

Minus the gay shit

Jimmy had Suge shot in leg called him at his hospital bed told him “keep my name out your mouth or next time the gun will be aimed higher"😭

Meanwhile 50 Cent on IG openly calling Jimmy a rat with no fear pf repurcussion even after he shot up Yayo’s man and Yayo mom house

Chris Lighty slapped the shit out Jimmy Henchman too niggas said Jimmy had him killed cause of that but i doubt it. Too farfetched

Nigga told me i should play Jimmy Henchman if they ever make another Pac movie but i cant spend 120 min doing a West Indian accent

ill extend this thread. Here’s Rich Porter. the guy Mitch in Paid In Full was based off off. On the right pic thats Black Just on the left

Black Just was the right hand man of Supreme who had 50 Shot 9 times. He also was 50’s OG. Bought him his first boxing lessons

Black Just with Jay-Z and DMX apparently doing security. Bimmy who was Supreme and Just’s man was doing A&R for Def Jam at the time

E Moneybags killed Black Just on accident when he was really aiming to kill Supreme. E Moneybags was a goon from Queens

E was cool with Pac, Nas, 50 Cent, Nore. Prodigy, etc . this is him Biggie, Ed Lover from Yo MtV raps, And Pac. E is dude in the lower right

E Moneybags once called Hot97 to speak to Jay-Z while Roc a Fella was up there and threatened Hov because Hov had an artist on his label..

..that apparently stole his name (H Moneybags). He told Hov he was gonna see him in the streets. Prodigy was E’s man who insitaged the beef

Curtis S (who was one of E’s Ogs) said Hov called him asking him to cool E Moneybags down cause he was shook

Pac and E Moneybags on the left. E Moneybags and Nore on the right

E Moenybags and Biggie at Jay-Z’s Dead Presidents video shoot

E Moneybags pays $2500 to Supreme for a car as a down payment. Later he finda. better car. Wants the money back from Supreme.Supreme says no

E feels punked. Therefore catches Black Just and Supreme chilling one day. Aims and starts shooting and kills Black Just instead

Supreme has E Moneybag killed months later by hiring contract killers. Months after he has 50 hit for refusing to leave Ja Rule alone

Now that E Moneybags is dead Jay-Z can now go at Prodigy who institgated their beef. Enter: The Takeover on Blueprint album

the interview of E moneybags having Jay-Z shook on the air on Hot97 is nowhere to be found on the net for obvious reasons

Pete Shue on the left. Bronx nigga who saved Keith Sweat from being killed by Alpo. Dated Madonna who set him up for the feds to catch him

Peter Shue, Kool Moe Dee, Heavy D

Young Combat Jack and Young Dame Dash

Young Diddy. Party Promotion days. Diddy on the left, Don Pooh in the middle and I think thats Special Ed bottom right

the feared Haitian Jack who famously set Pac up with Jamie Foxx and Orlando Jones at some Haiti earthquake fund

Young Haitian Jack in the middle, early 80s

World on the left. Early 90s. Used to date Lil Kim, apparently beat her and the reason she went ham with the plastic surgery

Also was the one who ordered the murder of the nigga who shot 50 9 times (listen to last four verses of Many Men)

ALSO tried to have 50 Cent killed because 50 wouldnt appear in the video of Lil Kim “Magic Stick” then dissed her in a G unit freestyle

50 Beefed with World, Jimmy Henchman and Supreme. Three monsters on the street, and lived to tell the tale. Rappers were nothing to him

Jay-Z and DeHaven. “fuck DeGaven for cavin..thats why we dont speak..made men aint supposed to make statements”

(more about Jay n DeHaven here –

whats jay-z beef with dehaven??
i never quite heard the story i know its old...but he said some shit bout made men dont make statements and thats why they dont speak??...what happen?
50 Cent in 1993

got way much more to add to this thread just waiting a bit

Stretch and 2Pac. Best friends 1991 to 1994 era. Stretch was there when Pac got shot at Quad. Pac accused Stretch of not having his back

Stretch was affiliated with Jimmy Henchman and them supposedly. One night Stretch and Nas were in a car riding through Queens

Stretch had just produced Nas song “Take It In Blood” off It Was Written. He drops Nas off at his crib. Drives away

10 min later he gets shot multiple times and later dies from gunfire. Pac raps about it on the third verse of Against All Odds

Ironically right before he starts dissing Nas on the verse

Jay-Z and Emory. Partners when Hov was hustling in Maryland. Emory later gets caught by feds and refuses to give Hov up. He gets 12 years

Jay-Z writes a letter to a Baltimore judge to let Emory out early promising he has a legit job for Emory at Roc A Fella

Today Emory works at Roc Nation. Him, CP3, and Hov

Emory, Hov, Dame, Biggs, 1996

Diddy’s old muscle. Wolf. Diddy’s muscle in the old Bad Boy era. Was there when Shyne shot the club up. Allegedly shot Suge’s best friend

killed him. At Jermaine Dupri’s bday party in ‘95. one of the reasons of the Suge and Diddy beef. Wolf later got killed by Big Meech

Wolf and Shyne. Big Meech killed Wolf supposedly cause Wolf pressed him over a girl. This was in ATL years later

Big Meech and Wolf

Supreme and Irv Gotti teamed up in the mid 90s to help launch Murder Inc…Supreme made sure he was good in the hood

50 was apparently pissed Supreme who he looked up to since the 80s would get behind a “fake” thug like Ja Rule and not a real nigga like him

Supreme in prison, warly 90s on the left. Supreme with Kurtis Blow and James Corley on the right, 1984

50 was cool with Ja Rule. a dude robbed Ja’s chain. Supreme made the call and got the chain back days later.

Ja later saw 50 with the same dude who robbed him. 50 tried to dap Ja up but Ja left him hanging. 50 hated Ja ever since

from that day on he went extra hard at Ja Rule and Irv, which was by proxy going hard at Supreme since Murder Inc was Preme’s money

Chris Gotti, Irv Gotti and Supreme. J Prince is in this picture to the left but he’s cut out. cant find the original one with him in it

Supreme kept telling 50 Cent to chill and 50 would agree but then go back to dissing Ja and Irv Gotti regardless

Chaz, legendary bank robber from Queens from the 70s era set up a meet for Supreme Irv Ja Rule and 50 to squash the beef

50 didnt show because he thought it was a set up. So it made Chaz look bad, so Chaz washed his hands and fell back

Then the bounty on 50 Cent’s head was apparently made a reality at that moment then the rest was history

Supreme and his nephew Prince on the right in the mid 80s. Nigga Prince was a 100% psychopath even for a gangster

Jay-Z and DeHaven. late 80s

Talked about Domencio earlier in the thread, Alpo and Wayne Perry’s boys had him killed at a Basketball court in DC, July 1991

niggas were talented young black men who should have been the future lf black america but unfortunately were used for the wrong purpose

crack era really tried to doom black people. bittersweet

Gonna add to the thread regarding the details of the origins of Pac and Biggie’s and Suge And Diddy’s beef

And about the Supreme Team in Fort Greene led by Supreme Magnetic and his brother Rap who held Eric B and Rakim down

And Killer Ben, the real 50 Cent etc.

Suge and Diddy were cool at first. Two black men starting up labels. Suge let Diddy use Chronic/Doggystyle samples on Ready To Die

Suge apparently wanted Diddy to against the crac kers he was working for/unionize with him of some sort but Diddy didn’t want to go that far

So apparently Suge took matters in his own hands had Andre Harrell of Uptown Records who was Diddy’s boss beat up in his office

Forced Andre Harrell to sign over the management contracts of Mary J Blige and Jodeci over to Death Row Records

This is why Snoop Dogg is in the beginning of the video for Jodeci “Feenin”. Also why Kci and Jojo were on many 2Pac records

Kci and Dr Dre in the left. Pac and Kci and Jojo on the right. Also notice Dre’s hat

Mary J Blige was very briefly down with Death Row but weirdly theres no pics of evidence like there is with Jodeci…

they said suge and blige allegedly dated. Mary J Blige who was also from Yonkers bought DMX and the Lox to Suge Knight originally also

She later bought them to Puff once Death Row fell off and her and Puff made up and became cool again I guess

They said one time MJB was in the Death Row studio and a nigga said “Is that Mary?” and Suge had him jumped just for asking that question

Skip to Jermaine Dupri’s birthday party in 1995. Suge’s best friend Big Jake who was one of his goons walks up to Puff’s goon “Wolf”

Jake asks Wolf why does he hang with a sucka like Puff. Somehow Wolf or one of his men kills Big Jake. Suge sees and looks at Puff

tells Puff “this is your fault” and the beef escalates from there. Suge later bails Pac out of jail who hates Puff too. Common enemy

Suge and Big Jake two pics on the left. Diddy and Wolf in the far right pic. Same Wolf talked about earlier in the thread

Pac, Diddy and Biggie were also cool at first. Things went sour when Pac got set up to be shot in Quad Studios by Jimmy Henchman

Apparently Jimmy had the whole Bad Boy clique too shook to warn Pac. So when Pac got ambushed at Quad studios, Biggie, Diddy, Cease etc….

All allegedly didnt do shit and watched him get robbed and shot as if they were in on it. Later Pac hears in jail Jimmy had him set up

Pac’s prison letter where he crosses out the names of the people he think had something to do with him getting set up.peep the names

Andre is Andre Harrell, Jack is Haitian Jack, Rick is Haitian Jack’s hitman, Tut and Stretch both who is talked about earlier in the thread

Tupac, Haitian Jack, and Rick

Later when Pac was on Death Row it was said Diddy put a bounty on a Death Row chain. Southside Crips who Diddy used as protection took up the offer, specifically Orlando Anderson who is Tupac’s alleged killer. Here he is with his family

Orlando Anderson ran up on Travon Lane who was Suge’s youngest goon at some mall and took his Death Row Chain

Months later he sees Orlando Anderson at the casino while he is with Pac, Suge and Suge’s MOB goons. Lane whispers in Pac’s ear

tells Pac that Orlando is in the building. Pac all built up with Adrenaline goes and asks Orlando was he apart of the Southside Crips

nd before orlando could answer Pac punches him in the face and that leads to the famous video of Death Row goons and Pac and Suge beating

him up at the Casino. They say Orlando Anderson was a big fan of Pac’s music and was lowkey starstruck when Pac walked up to him

only to be punched. Later that night on the Vegas strip Orlando and some Southside Crip open fire when they catch Suge and Pac in a car

And Pac ends up killed while Suge gets a head wounded

Orlando was a feared killer and Pac didnt know that at the time when he hit him.Pac’s biggest mistake honestly along with Suge hyping him up

They asked Orlando Anderson did he kill Tupac on the news and this was his response. He died 2 years later

1992 Pac would have reached out to Orlando Anderson and hugged him as a fellow black man. 1996 Pac was out of control. Suge was a cancer

Pac was a tragic anti-hero and a man of many layers did many wrongs and many good things but we can all agree he made an impact

Biggie’s death was allegedly greenlighted by Suge as retaliation. Word is it was meant to be Diddy that got killed but Biggie got it instead

Poochie, who is oneof Suge’s MOB goons allegedly killed Biggie on Wilshire/Fairfax in LA. He’s on the bottom right with sunglasses

His mugshot. He was later killed in 2003. Unrelated to Biggie

the nigga that killed Big L is on the back cover of his first album. George Woodley. Was cool with both Big L and Camron

allegedly he killed Big L because Big L was there when a dude tried to kill him weeks before. Dont know real details of it

Young 50 Cent

Young Maino during his bid

Mike Tyson visiting Tut in prison

Suge when he was a bodyguard for Bobby Brown in 1989… and Jermaine Jackson

Dame, AZ, Ty Ty, Jay-Z and Biggs in the first pic. Wolf, Dame, Farrakhanc JD, Diddy, Queen Latifah, Ja Rule, Fat Joe etc in the second pic

Ice Cube in DC in a classic gogo booth pic on the left. Pac and Diddy the night before the Quad shooting on the right. Diddy’s suit <<<<<

Young Rick Ross and Shaq on the left. Skinny Big Pun on the right

Will continue this tomorrow, will talk about Rakim and Eric B and Paid In Full Posse, Freddie Foxxx, Alpo and Wayne Perry, Kendu/Ra'son…

Puetto Rican Jesus..then after that ima wrap it up.. too many other stories

Alpo, left. Rico from Paid In Full was based on him. Mitch was based on Rich (right pic on right), Ace was based on AZ (right pic on left).

AZ was lowkey, didnt really care for bloodshed, just wanted to make money. Rich was flashy…Alpo was murderous/charismatic

Alpo started his criminal exploits early in age. He’s a mugshot when he was 17. Later aligned himself with AZ and was cool with Rich

Apparently killed because Rich was buying coke for $1 and selling it to Alpo for $2 and Alpo knew but asked him and Rich kept lying about it

Moved to DC from Harlem in 1989 to set up shop there after Rayful Edmonds, who was the kingpin of DC, who is in this pic, got locked up

He learned DC culture to blend in. The go gos, slang, all that. He later got shot at in DC by rival dealers but survived

He then hired Wayne Perry as muscle. Perry is probably the most psychotic/fiercest nigga that’ll be talked about in this thread

Wayne Perry had the entire DC shook. Killed men and women both, with guns, hands, knives, bricks, didnt care.killed his first dude as a teen

Wayne would sometimes sleep the backyard of where his victims stayed to wait til they came outside just to kill them. In broad daylight

Alpo had Wayne on his team together they got money and were the kings of DC

Wayne killed many people for Alpo. DC niggas left Alpo alone just because they were scared of Wayne. Except one nigga, Michael Fray

Michael hated how a NY nigga was infiltrating DC and subsequently planned to take out Wayne and Alpo.Mike was like a street ambassador of DC

Michael Fray in the blue jumpsuit

Alpo had it set up to pay one of Michael’s men to kill Mike. The dude’s name who betrayed Michael Fray was MJ. He killed Mike in July 1991

so he spread the rumor that Wayne Perry did it..and then told Wayne Perry that his baby mother was the one who spread the rumor

Therefore, Wayne Perry, who believed his men more than anybody, stabbed his baby mother in the face multiple times and shot her to death

Alpo later got arrested in November 1991 and later snitched on all of his DC associated including Wayne Perry. Alpo served 30 years

Wayne Perry got like 100 life sentences. Alpo snitched on Wayne Perry foremost to lessen his years. Alpo is out now and this is him

Wayne Perry has interviews on Youtube from Prison and has said he should have killed Alpo when he had the chance

Even in Prison nigga Wayne is still 100% fearless and hasnt been broken even in two decades of solitary confinement

Alpo almost had Keith Sweat killed over a girl. Peter Shue who is in this pic told Alpo if he touches Keith Sweat then they’ll be issues

Peter Shue was a fearless gunslinger from the Bronx who became a party promoter who hosted early 90s r&b acts. real stand up dude

went to jail in 1995 for 21 years after Madonna set him up for the feds to catch him. He was dating Madonna briefly in the 1994 era

Alot of these dudes thought they were predators in the hood but most were really just prey for the government do not be fooled

I say that to say do not glorify none of this shit. Listen learn and dont let these dude’s deaths and imprisonment be taken in vain

These dudes were the direct descedants of the pro black civil rights generation that crackers infiltrated by dropping crack in their hoods

They knew how strong we were mentally and physically so they had to cripple us with cocaine. Selling it or using it, same thing

AZ once said “strong lives off the weak but the smart lives off both” that kept AZ over water all these years we need to live by that quote

Puerto Rican Jesus. In the Nike shirt on right. Kendu and Ra'son the twins in the middle and right above him to the right

Puerto Rican Jesus was ahead of his time apparently with the agassi windbreaker and the agassi sneakers. Him with Kendu and Ra'son the twins

Mike Tyson loved PR Jesus because while all the other hustlers leeched off Tyson for money and etc, PR Jesus would never take his handouts

Kendu and Ra'son. Twins from Linden Plaza. Here with Domencio on first pic. Kendu with Mike Tyson’s sister and PR Jesus in second pic

Kendu, Lou Hobbs (Tyson’s man), and Domencio. At a 1989 Tyson fight

Lou Hobbs on upper left Kendu in the middle

Lou Hobbs and Kendu got life in prison. for non violent drug crimes. Kendu’s wife got 300 years just for being his girl

ALICIA keys “Falling” video is dedicated and based off her. Alicia Keys tried to help get her an appeal. That sentence was fucking idiotic

Kendu’s twin Ra'son did not get locked or up killed. the lucky one. Kendu was on Humans Of NY months ago warning people about the drug game

Kendu and Lou Hobbs in prison on the left pic. Mike Tyson visiting Lou Hobbs on the right

Kendu and Ra'son early 90s left pic. Ra'son visiting his twin brother in prison on the right pic

Power and Divine were silent leaders of Wu Tang. RZA was the leader that was the frontman of the group. Power is “Knowledge” from Belly

Power was the one started Wu-Wear. Excellent businessman and intelligent as hell. Real street nigga too

Power is in the middle. Divine is on the lower right. Both pictured with Nas and Raekwon, 1995

You dickheads who wear Wu Tang shirts but dont know their history better take this in and remember. Oliver “Power” Grant is a legend

Power… Raekwon… Mike Tyson… from movie “Black and White”… the beginning scene Future used in one of his videos..forget which one

Biggs from Roc A Fella… him in the 1980s. Used to run with Dame and they had a street party promotion team called “The Best Out”

Keith Murray once hit his car. Biggs got out. Keith and his niggas surrounded Biggs. Biggs laughed. Biggs called Hov
Asked Hov “Who is Keith Murray? We gotta go to one of his shows.” They do. Hov distracts Keith Murray as Biggs knocks him out on the floor

Big brawl happens and Dame ends up getting hit with a bottle. Biggs and Dame also confronted Suge Knight about Pac’s Jay-Z diss also

Suge cops a plea apparently. Which I personally believe. Biggs is also the head nigga responsible for Kanye West blowing up

Biggs. Hov. Hard Knock Life era. Biggs is the type to not talk unless its something important. Highly intelligent dude. No hyperbole

Biggs served 5 years in jail in 2011 for some weed conspiracy charge. Gets out in 2016. Shows up at Kanye’s TLOP Yeezy Season 3 premiere

Kanye taps him on his shoulder. Biggs turns around. They embrace. Hov sees Biggs later on. They just laugh and also embrace

Rich Porter and Alpo (Mitch and Rico from Paid In Full). Rich supposedly helped fund Teddy Riley’s career. Which funded Guy, Blackstreet

Rich, Teddy Riley and Alpo were all from Harlem. Keith Sweat too

here the thread, op is updating so Imma try to do so as well

Rich, Teddy Riley and Alpo were all from Harlem. Keith Sweat too

Last thing ima add to this thread

This interview was filmed at Bryant Park in New York three days before Pac’s Death

Pac dissed Nas twice in this interview they were beefing. The origin of their beef was either allegedly some Nas song on an old clue tape

or Pac feeling Nas was stealing his style with the Bandanas and “Thug Life” shit. So they say minutes after this interview ended Nas confronted Pac. Nas was with Jungle and like 50 to 100 QB goons. Pac was with Suge, Snoop, his boy Fatal, Fatal’s goons .and Eric B and his people. Eric B was allegedly gonna be the Death Row East CEO since he had excellent business resources and street ties

Eric B and Pac. This is a pic taken in that same night. Pac has the same shirt on as he did in the video i posted. Same chain too

Eric B is also one of Nas OG’s too. So he was the voice of reason supposedly in the scuffle. Eric B, Nas and Kanye in 2016

Nas and Pac had words and it was said shit got heated but Eric B and Suge mediated the situation and they eventually shook hands

Pac told Nas he would not diss him anymore and that they’re better as a union then as enemies and that they should work together

the collab Never happened cause Pac died three days later. Which was also the death of Death Row East

Freddie Foxxx who was one of Eric B’s right hand men and also a legendary rapper was supposedly there that night too

Eric B is one of hip hop’s earliest businessmen…and was Rakim’s partner. vouched for by industry execs and street niggas

Eric B also did security for Mike Tyson in the late 80s. This a 90s pic

Mike Tyson, Eric B, Flava Flav, LL Cool J, Eazy-E (not the NWA one) in 1987. Tyson telling everyone that hip hop is taking over

video –

Peter Shue (dude who saved Keith Sweat from Alpo), Chaz (50’s manager before he go shot who tried to squash the beef with him and Ja and Eric B were all working on Death Row East together. After Suge had Andre Harrell beat up (talked about earlier in the thread)

Peter Shue warned Suge that Andre Harrell does not represent East Coast niggas and if he tried that with him or Chaz or Eric B then.

there’d be consequences. Suge was always a fake thug who only was tough becaue of the goons that surrounded him so he took note

Eric B ended up doing security for Suge when Suge was in NY. Did security for Suge in Los Angeles also appaently

When the Tupac Movie comes out watch out for the scene when Tupac talks about Death Row East. The one i talked about in this thread

Hopefully they do the scene justice. He’s going to have a white death row east shirt on, a gold chain and a medallion.Just like in the video

Charlie Mack. Red bowtie. Will Smith’s man from the streets. He!spins Will around on the Basketball court in Fresh Prince theme song.

Bought Boyz II Men to the attention of Mike Bivins of New Edition. Also helped Meek Mill’s career start. Him and Mike Bivins in this pic

J Prince of houston Rap A Lot records. launched his label with Scarface. His son on the bottom right is the one who bought Drake to Wayne

J Prince is easily the most highly respected figure in hip hop. Feared also. Him, Birdman, and etc all eat off Drake

J Prince once tried to mediate the Suge/Diddy/Jimmy Henchman and Pac and Biggie beef. Didn’t work out

Harry O was a big time drug dealer in Los Angeles. Eventually tried to launder his money into legal businesses. This is him and Denzel

In 1990 when he got locked up he wanted to start a record label. He partnered up with David Kenner who was an excellent entertainment lawyer

He titled the label “Godfather Ent”. The real Rick Ross tried to do the same but didnt work out. He did discover The Alkaholiks though

Which is a group where Madlib got his start which makes even a guy like Madlib a descedant of the street hierarchy of hip hop

Harry O also aligned with another dude and that dude was Suge Knight. He wanted Suge to manage the funds of the label

Harry O had a lightskined chick whom J Prince introduced him too named Lydia. Lydia was a singer. Lydia and J prince in this pic

This was the time Dr Dre was rolling with Suge. Harry O wanted Suge to make Dr Dre produce Lydia’s r&b album to launch the label

along with Dr Dre producing The Chronic, which would launch Death Row Records, which Godfather Ent would be the parent company of

He gave Suge hundreds of thousands of dollars to fund the making of both albums which were scheduled to be released in 1992

Suge took the money and funded The Chronic album and spent the money that was supposed to be used for Lydia’s album on drugs and guns

Drugs and guns to supply his Mob Piru homies who were his main goons from 1991 to 1997 and were the real reason Suge was feared

Suge stopped answering Harry O’s calls and virtually pushed him out of ownership of the label. Him and David Kenner both

J Prince was a big inspiration to Suge. Due to their affiliation, Rap A Lot and Death Row records were initially closely affiliated

The song “Stranded On Death Row” on Dr Dre Chronic album, Scarface was supposed to be in place of RBX’s verse. Bushwick Bill is on it though

Crooked Officer off Geto Boys “Til Death Do Us Part” album is a song that was originally for Dr Dre

Video of Snoop Dogg freestyling with Rap A Lot artists, Scarface, Bushwick Bill, Big Mike, etc. Pre-Chronic

almost Feel like continuing this thread

Ron Artest is from the same Queensbridge projects as Nas, Havoc, Tragedy Khadafi, Prodigy, etc. Him with Nas on a classic Source Sports ad

Nas and 50 used to be cool. They did songs together in 1998/1999. They eventually started beefing after 2001

50 Cent was supposed to be on a Jennifer Lopez song but Columbia took him off and put Nas on it. 50 claims Nas was wack for not alerting him

Talked about E Moneybags extensively in this thread. One day E Moneybags was rolling dice with his homies in Queens. 50 Cent rolled up

had his pistol. Told everyone he’s sticking the game up. He then laughed and said he was fucking around. Him and E became cool that day

Similar to 50 Cent, E Moneybags hated Murder Inc. Him and Troy Singleton used to rob and beat up their affiliates

One day Irv Gotti is in the studio, and niggas tell him E Moneybags is on the phone and they said Irv’s blood drained from his face

E Moneybags is the dude behind the dude in the white puffy jacket. he has a black shirt on. Him and Pac were initially close

video –

Jimmy Henchman (left) and Obama

Jimmy Henchman as mentioned earlier in the thread was from Vandeveer Projects. Was a feared stick up from around the way

Jimmy was jailed from 1983 to 1988 and came out at the peak of crack era where he started to sell drugs. Survived a brutal murder attempt

After the murder attempt, he started getting into music. He started a music convention called “How Can I Be Down” where artist went and..

promoted themselves and got advice from music executives. Similar to Jack the Rapper. He also broke Groove Theory’s “Tell Me”

Supposedly was extorting Diddy at the start of Bad Boy records. When Tupac came to Brooklyn in 1994, he and Jimmy partnered up

Jimmy wanted to manage Pac. Jimmy got him features, and also put him in the Salt N Pepa Watta Man video since Jimmy and Salt were dating

meanwhile, Mike Tyson and Biggie would both warn Pac to stay away from Henchman (and Haitian Jack). Pac did not listen

Later, Pac curses Jimmy out over the phone over unpaid funds. Pac thinks Jimmy is a square not knowing his background

According to Dexter Isaac, Jimmy hires him to have Pac robbed at Quad studios to humble him. The rest his history

Biggie is later robbed as punishment for warning Pac about Henchman

Henchman gets locked up in 1996. Released in 2000 and starts managing Mike Tyson. Later gets deeper in rap, exectively producing albums

Has a hand in Aaliyah and Gucci Mane’s careers. Later becomes Game’s manager. Puts a word in Game’s ear that he’s too good for G Unit

which starts the beef with Jimmy and 50 Cent. Tony Yayo and Lodi slapping Jimmy’s son.Jimmy having Lodi killed and Yayo’s moms house shot at

Warren G, being' Dr Dre’s cousin was down with Death Row Records. Warren G was really the one who produced majority of The Chronic

It was said Warren G wanted to o his own thing and not ride off his cousin’s coattails, so he signed with Def Jam instead of Death Row

Suge Knight apparently had a problem with this so at one even, he went there with Eric B looking for Lyor Cohen supposedly to do him harm

Lyor Cohen famously worked at Def Jam at that time and was A&R'ing for them. Suge supposedly wanted to take Warren G from him

Lyor heard Suge was there and immediately got shook and reportedly hid. Chris Lighty, legendary rap exec, was at Def Jam at the time

Chris heard about Suge’s invasion and went and stepped to him with Lite. Lite was Tribe Called Quest’s bodyguard. Tough dude

Chris wanted Suge to back off and leave Lyor alone or else him and Lite would basically turn up. He even told him “Ask Eric. B we get busy”

Chris Ligty was apart of a street gang in the bronx called Violator crew in the 1980s. Lyor tok him under his wing and transitioned him…

… into a music industry exec, Chris Lighty on the left, Lyor in the middle, Andre Harrell on the right

Suge backed out the party. Weeks later Chris Lighty is getting ready for Warren G to film the video for Regulate. He gets a call

A call telling him that Suge Knight has banned Nate Dogg from being in the video. Chris then calls Suge and tells him to stop being a bitch

Suge asks Chris Lighty “why you being a yes man to that cracker Lyor Cohen” and Lighty replies “nigga i’m just trying to get paid”

Long story short Nate Dogg ends up in the Regulate video.

Chris Lighty goes and and becomes a legend in hip hop, managing various rappers, most notably 50 Cent, Fat Joe, etc

Turns Violator into a managemnt company. Releases two Violator albms with various famous rappers

Lighty dies of suicide in 2012. 50 cent hires a private investigator to fin his real reason of death

Chris Lighty’s death makes 50 and Fat Joe squash their beef

One night Kanye West is in Manhattan with his Roc A Fella chain out. Some goons see his chain and start to press him

Kanye calls up Beanie Sigel who is nearby….Beanie Sigel pulls up and reveals his pistol to the goons. They back off

Beans looks at Kanye..who now has his chain tucked in…and says “tuck your fucking chain out nigga”

Beanie Sigel was one of the main soldiers for Roc A Fella as well as a rapper. Years before, in 1994, he shot a cop in Philadelphia

the cop was extorting Beans and his niggas on the block everyday. So one day Beans shot him. Got arrested. Threatened the cop afterwards

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This is probably the same person who posts the 'goons of the industry' videos on YouTube, 'InfoMinds' is the name of the channel.
They run through the history of all of these shady dudes connected to the rap music industry, and quite often a lot of them are connected (Jimmy Henchman, E Money Bags, the Southside Crips etc).
They're well worth a watch if you're interested.

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Interesting read, this made me chuckle though...

Warren G, being' Dr Dre’s cousin was down with Death Row Records. Warren G was really the one who produced majority of The Chronic



Interesting read, this made me chuckle though...

Warren G, being' Dr Dre’s cousin was down with Death Row Records. Warren G was really the one who produced majority of The Chronic

People always say that either Warren G or Daz produced "The Chronic" and "Doggystyle", but here's what Colin Wolfe said about that.

There’s been a point of contention over the years about other producers contributing music to The Chronic. Notably uncredited work by Warren G., Daz Dillinger, and Chris “The Glove” Taylor. Did they any role in shaping the sound?

Warren didn’t have a big influence. He would occasionally come in with some lyrics and that “Deeez Nuuuts” skit. But as far as the tracks, not that much input at all. Daz was slowly trying to get into the creative mix. He was starting to come in there with ideas, towards the latter half of the record. Daz did do the drums on “Rat-Tat-Tat-Tat.” Dre found the instrumental break and I played bass and guitar along with it. But for the most part it was me and Dre who would build the tracks.
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Interesting read, this made me chuckle though...

Warren G, being' Dr Dre’s cousin was down with Death Row Records. Warren G was really the one who produced majority of The Chronic

Yeah some info were wrong like calling Warren Dre's cousin when he is a brother of the man. Also, it was really Dre that told Warrren he is not getting signed to Death Row and he needs to find his path.

I always wondered if Dre did that to protect his little brother from the Death Row fiasco. It's pretty obvious Dre didn't like how violence was so prevalent at Death Row.