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Poems about my imaginary man
« on: July 17, 2017, 02:57:55 AM »
He pleases me immensely
Hes not interested in looks
He doesnt expect me to perform to keep his attention
Hes got me hooked
Im addicted to his honor
Im a fiend for his respect
He has me obsessed with acting civilly
I hope not to take advantage of his connect
I hope his heart beats hard and fast with adrenaline and hate
When those devils impose themselves upon him and use me as their bait
Hell survive all the adversity
Come out stronger than before
Before they invade his privacy and brake through his front door
We dont see each other as weak
Were just victims of a world
Where corruption rules regardless
We have the wisdom of the pearls
Clammed up when interrogated
With knowledge to spare and share
With those poor souls who too have been abused by devils who dont care
Were not fixated on vengengance
Were not obsessed with negatives
All we really care about is what we need to live
We dont look down on others
Instead we rise above
We dont boast with braggadocio
Our gratitude is like a drug
Were addicted to payin mind to those whore expected to accept less
Were struggling with integrity regardless of the disrespect
Neither of us are immune to the evils or the sin
But we grant each other consideration and expect the other to look within
We dont judge the mistakes people make
But we judge the devils who expect
Each of us to lower our dignity or intellect
We know the shame of times gone by where ignorance was the cause
Of deeds done with immorality
That are punishable by law
We know these deamons encourage others to act with ill intent
We strive to rise above it but these devils wont relent
He feels for me
I feel for him
Its a mutual respect
He tells me to take time out from life and encourages me to rest
All the favor he bestows on me makes me realize the truth
Meanwhile the heathens and barbarians try to deny us proof
He knows I am but human
He does not expect me to act staunch
He wants me to embrace my femininity and not give these parasites a second thought
So I recline feeling devine because he wants my virtue to remain
And Im in awe of his forgiveness
But I dont feel provoked to act so vain

Ebony Zebedee

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Re: Poems about my imaginary man
« Reply #1 on: July 17, 2017, 02:59:00 AM »
His honor is not a commodity
You cant buy his favor or respect
He pays no mind to the rumours
He rejects them
Theyre inept
Hes not deluded by reputation
Hes not admiring of sin and pain
Hes happy with my simplicity as to him it is a gain
Hes not smitten with appearance
Hes not cajoled by infamy
Hes a soldier of righteousness
He fights for justice
He's my only Family
They cant touch him
Or prevent him
Or rob him of his joy
For hes not dependant on approval
I hope to provide for him a boy
To carry on his legacy
To teach honor and respect
Ill gladly be the vessel that provides a promise kept
Ill do it for him naturally
Guided by the faith
That righteousness will prevail against the odds
Ill raise the stakes
Ill bare all his seeds with need to contribute to the cause
Ill birth his children naturally with no thought of reward
Ill keep his honor meekly
Ill humbly be his bride
Ill go through the depths of hell in an attempt to save his life
And he expects me to be wholesome
He forgives my lapses of judgement
Hes knows Ive been provoked
He intends to prevent
He hears my silent requests where I yearn for true safety
It breaks his heart to know that so many are not free
So we strive as best we can
Separated by time and distance
We communicate exclusive of the  temptations and thrill

Ebony Zebedee

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Re: Poems about my imaginary man
« Reply #2 on: July 17, 2017, 03:00:08 AM »
Dear Gods this man is beautiful
Just feeds my souls desire
Drops knowledge like a professor
As I profess to respect his pride
He want me to act with dignity
He wants me to be wise
I welcome his chastising me
As he expects my best at all times
He wants me to feel innocent
His caress is magical
He is the epitome of untouchable
And his faith feels like a spell
He prophesies
He protects
He promises wholesome love
He undresses me with his mind
And has me putting him above
Hes my mercy
My compensation
Hes my beloved
Hes my man
And nobody can harm him
For he is not from this corrupted land
Hes crossed oceans just to meet me
Hes traversed the deserts, jungles, streets
To bring me to a place of peace which no one can defeat
He grants me freedom of emotional expression that I revere
His humility is the epitome of humble faith
He perseveres
They try to intercept our joy with devilish abuse and sin
But were immune to their interference as we speak to each within
He has my utmost admiration
He saw me as a child
Then proposed to protect my honor regardless of those who deprive
He forgives my maddening illness
Knowing my intention was truly pure
He knows Ive been corrupted
Still he forgives me to assure
My future is none other than the same as those whore trapped
And he frees my mind of misery
He helps me feel wholesome and intact
He offers me affection and I hope to please him too
Its just an affair of honesty and integrity
Felt by few
I hope to grant him a just reprieve for all his pains and loss
With the simplicity of intimacy no matter what it costs


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Poems about my imaginary man
« Reply #3 on: January 31, 2018, 09:25:05 PM »
Of the finished product? I can email it to you if you like or pm your addy and Ill send you a dvd of about 1000 backing tracks.

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Re: Poems about my imaginary man
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Not bad, but you have  an imaginary friend?   

The ideal man might be a better title.  Imaginary Friend sounds like something from pre-school.

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Re: Poems about my imaginary man
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