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Ebony Zebedee

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The voices used to say “If you’re in a cell, she’s in a cage”
Over and over and over again
That was years ago
Still got loose screws in my brain
Hearin these evil voices of night
Reminds me of reading the story of Malcolm X life
Equations appearing in my mind
Then vanishing the moment I focus
I’ve gone by a few names
Ebenus Supremus
Ebano Bianco
I  claim
My birthname
Thinkin I may aswell be outright
If these devils gon get me and Im too weak to fight
She told me “Go hang round your white friends”
I tried
But they’re creepy
They snide
They offend
Actin like degradation is a contest
Like who’s suffered more
Like no one would protest
Talkin reversals with a superiority complex
Refusing to recognize the age old offense
Imagine being so ungreatful when told
You possess an advantage it provokes you to scold
Objecting the truth out of spite and false pride
As if the epitome of civility is measured by genocide
I consciously choose to be outspoken
Speak truth
I dont need your approval to validate proof
Im not expecting accolades or applause or validation
Im just trying to expose the constant provocations
The oppression
Expressions of injustice
The threats
Nobody’s safe
Keep ya bullet proof vest
I’ll aim for ya brain
Hope logic sinks in
You threaten physical abuse
Tryin to feel like a king
Like we’re subjects
I’ve studied
Independent of school
I dont have creditations but that dont mean Im a fool
Money rules
Power protects the corrupt
That lust with such hate over those of us
That want only for peace, safety and trust
Im wishing prosperity to many knowing sometimes
The only way to earn coin is by committing the crimes
Risking years behind bars tryin to bring home the bread
Scapegoating addicts
Could care less they drop dead
People see profit within poverty
Exploiting conditions provisioned like monopolies
We’re all pointing the finger looking for someone to blame
I say take a good look from whence where you came
Whats the foundation of game
Is winning the same
If you’re sinning
Forgiving the victims
Im beginning to see similarities
So bane
Definitively and defiantly degrading us with disdain
Like we’re all just disgusted with overt displays
The facts of the matter remains
Unless its profitable or leads to power and fame
Then its no longer worthy of admiration these days