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The Best Is Yet To Come
« on: September 22, 2001, 07:12:36 AM »

Was it so long ago ......seems like yesterday
I was chasing rainbows and playing in the hay.
Was it so long ago, I played hookey from school,
Reading, writing, rithmetic,and learning the golden rule.

I remember the school marm saying,"The Best Is Yet To Come"
Finally, I settled down with a mate for life......
Gosh,was it so long ago we were new as man and wife?
Children they can,our pride and joys....
Oh yes the tears and heartaches with our girls and boys.
They flew the coop one by one, was it so long ago
Raising our children ..all done? Oh, I know .....

"The Best Is Yet To Come"
The house sure is quiet now, and we have each other,but
Every now and then I think I hear..Father? ...Mother?
Was it so long ago, my mate was taken away?
Oh yes, I know what they say.....
"The Best Is Yet To Come"

My hearing is not so good and I now use a cane....
Was it so long ago,I danced in the rain?
Well Lord I've been so richly blessed, a wonderful mate,
Beautiful children and yes ...a few regrets...
Well ,you see....I know at the last setting sun..
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