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props to @Kevin from @

this is clips of the tape that had Revenge Of The Lunatic in full on it. Since we are continuing the clip and phone rip era, Enjoy :laugh:

01 I Saw Your Gurl (Big D Remix)
02 (Why’d U Slang Crack) I Had 2 (Big D Remix)
03 16 On Death Row (Original)
04 That’s My Man Throwin Down
05 Dopefiends Diner (Late Night) (Big D Remix CDQ)
06 Changes (Remix) Featuring Roniece (Big D Remix)
07 Crooked Nigga Too (Original)
08 Black Cotton (Big D Remix)
09 Funky Freestyles (Original CDQ)
10 N.I.G.G.A (Big D Remix)
11 Revenge of The Lunatic (already leaked in full)
12 Changes feat. Blackrose (Big D Remix)