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White Fragility-Weaponized
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White Fragility is being weaponized and in effect upholding the systemic privileges of white supremacist ideology in society.
How often do you hear racist rhetoric being wielded off handedly only for the offender to accuse those who point it out and hold them accountable of being “harsh” or “unfair”?
How often do you hear  white people who choose to express racist views defend their assumed innocence when held accountable and labelled “racist” often times projecting their fragile reasoning onto the same people they have offended by competing for sympathy in an attempt to assuage themselves of guilt?
How often have you witnessed white people try to disregard the ongoing, foundational and institutional practice of white supremacist ideology by pointing out the historical offenses practiced by non white cultural groups?
White Fragility is being weaponized to lessen the recognition non white cultural groups are deserved in a continual attempt to silence their expressing their grief and uphold the apparent superiority of whiteness.
White Fragility is the inability to accept failings, be held accountable and inturn learn how to broach racial issues with the conscious intention of not practicing bias against not white identity groups without resorting to guilt, anger, denial or accusation. White Fragility “Weaponized” is employing these extreme, emotional reactions to discount the experiences of non white peoples and inturn seek sympathy for being labelled racist.
I personally believe that the practice of racism has been devalued due to politically correct practices born of movements that intended to create a more equitable and less prejudice society. I believe people are reluctant to openly uphold racism in practice due to the progress in terms of racial equality. Unfortunately,  racism is still prevalent and being practiced both openly and subversively. It is only our having devalued racism in practice through it being considered “wrong” that has bought about a better reality for those subject to the harsh practice of white supremacist ideology. As a society we have agreed that racism is “wrong”. Yet we have still not gone so far as to value the experiences and beliefs of non white identity groups fairly. We are now focused on protecting white privilege by “Weaponizing” White Fragility in place of assuming responsibility and effectively continuing the progress of anti racist movements.
White Fragility weaponized discourages open and honest dialogue about the ongoing oppression of non white identity groups. Whites are reluctant to challenge their bias or be open to criticism through their lack of exposure to racial stress. This lack of racial stress is predicated on the foundational practice of white supremacy and assumed “normality” using white culture as the measure. Having not developed tolerance for racial stress through lack of exposure, whites are prone to extreme emotional reactions when confronted with the accusation of racism. Denial of the label “racist” is the most common form of “Weaponized” White Fragility. The reality is that if whites are unable to accept that their behaviour upholds racism in practice, then there is no room to have honest and constructive dialogue as to how to lessen the extent of its practice in society.
White Fragility weaponized seeks a sympathy for the oppressor. White Fragility weaponized values the emotions of whites over the physical reality of those subject to racism. White Fragility weaponized devalues the lived experience of non white identity groups compared to the ego of whites. White Fragility weaponized upholds and strengthens white supremacist ideology by insisting that whites are owed consideration and benefit of the doubt when openly practicing racism, in face of a reality where non white identity groups are subject to harsher accountability in all areas of society due to racism. White Fragility weaponized instils a virtuous impression of whiteness where our inability to be open to accusations of racism diminishes the need to protect people from it, instead placing a higher value on the tarnished ego of whites rather than tackle the obvious problem which is racial inequality and the institutions of white supremacy.
White Fragility weaponized says to those who experience racism that unless whites agree to the accusation of practicing racism then it isn’t valid. White Fragility emboldens those who openly practice racism and instils the image of a victim when infact they are the oppressor. White Fragility weaponized values the assumed purity of whiteness and says white peoples feelings are more important than other cultural groups facts. White Fragility weaponized deters progress just as a student will be deterred from learning if not open to correction and critique.


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White Fragility Weaponized
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color is just something to add to a room, wall or shoes......

i believe it is how you were raised...the values that you hold and the deep pride within.....


Re: White Fragility-Weaponized
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I read a book called “why I’m no longer talking about race”, which it’s author, a very successful black female university  graduate goes on to talk about white privilege and structural racism. Obviously this exists in all walks of life, but the author was a publisher for the daily telegraph, New York Times, Buzzfeed and one of seven prominent British women to be photographed for British Vogue.

She comes across as an unjustified bitter person though. A phrase from the book talks about whites “unearned privilege”, as if all white people have unearned privilege, which craps over potential years of a white persons graft and efforts. I know many whites that have overcame addiction, family issues and strives for a better life for themselves and their family.

A lot of these people championing this topic are contradictory. For example, this author complains that a certain panel in the UK only had 1 black person and that the other 9 were white (citing clear racism), yet conveniently forgetting that the demographic makeup of the UK is 80+% white or overlooking the black majority in the NBA and how most black players make far more in a month than their white managers make in a year
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