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Kadafi ‎ Son Rize Vol. 1 - The Mixtape (WAV) (CD Rip)
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props 2 @Civilian3030 @ @Esoteric on 2pac forum for the hook up

FLAC Rip provided by @Esoteric . Much Love brother

I purchased this album a while back, I had a friend rip it for me in WAV or FLAC (without the 2 second gap between songs)

If there are enough people interested in having this project in WAV or FLAC format let me know, if I can't find the files I had I can re-rip the CD. Cheers

PS - To my knowledge this hasn;t been made readily available as a download anywhere at any point except the 192kbpos version that played through, or the 320 kbps version that had 2 second gaps. If this is something that is already readily available somewhere and I just missed it please let me know


FLAC rip:!BnYFTYaC!RPJmATb3SVAeozBam6fhvg

Soopafly DPGC

Re: Kadafi ‎ Son Rize Vol. 1 - The Mixtape (WAV) (CD Rip)
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The reason this wasn't spread publically as a download was because the sales of this CD was going to support Kadafi's family and everyone respected that.  At the time it was the only place to get a semi-OG "Letter To My Unborn".  Most of the songs on here were remixed and the OGs are all out there now.  Never Can Say Goodbye is a dope tribute track by the Outlawz.  I don't know if this CD is available anymore but if it is, and the money is still going to his family, hopefully the people who dl it will buy it if they like it.