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XL Middleton - All Day We Smash (discussion thread)
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1   Fake The Funk   
2   All You Need To Know   
3   Never Claimed To Be
Featuring Zone (6)
4   Bring The Backpack Back   
5   Top Notch   
6   All Day We Smash
Featuring Moniquea
7   Talkin'   
8   Wherever We Go
Featuring Moniquea, Ticky "D" Tac
9   Never Had A Love   
10   Money Is A Factor
Featuring Slacker Pad
11   Get Away With My Lovin'
Featuring Moniquea

It came out last year in Japan but on Apple Music it says "released on Nov 1 2017.

From what I understand, it's a collection of leftovers from over the years.

He finally used a beat he had made in like '11 :

<a href="" target="_blank" class="new_win"></a>

overall it's another dope collection of songs by XL.

did anybody else check it ?


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Album sounds good
but i hate the japan store and their price