Author Topic: If you don't have any haters...  (Read 1748 times)

Infinite Trapped in 1996

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Re: If you don't have any haters...
« Reply #25 on: April 11, 2019, 06:01:46 AM »
Lol u really vegan? This is bringing back memories. When i had photos of your mom on my account was funny at the time but pretty fucked up in retrospect haha

lol naah but i donít eat meat the way sikotic do.....

welcome back tho muhfukka .. i thought somethin mighta happened to u out in salinas, glad u doin well.

that shit was definitely outa pocket, but we were all pretty dumb as children, so no hard feelings.

Forgive and forget thatís peace but also remember it was your boy Infinite who always had your back back in the day when others didnít rekognize

u definitely held me down bro.. the only glitch on your resume is your 2013-2014 beef wit me, which was rooted in insecurity. but we all have blunders, so i ainít mad at ya.


u donít remember the infamous beef when he came to LA and got mad that he felt like LAMB was treating him like cheddar bob?

come to think, i believe u mighta been away from the forum at the time

Roccy was going all prima donna on me cause he felt his status in the rap game had hit a certain level or something, not to mention the previous trip Lights and Roccy were beefin so all their negative energy was focused on each other and it seemed Roccy was tryin to one up or somethinóthen Iíd been fuckin pissed for some time some mutherfuckaz had been prank calling me for a few years so I brought it up and the response revealed they were in on it or knew about it and shit and then Sccit or none of them was really around for a day or so so I was just out there by myself even though they had invited me...

Anyway I had shit to do back home so I wasnít gonna be just bummin around L.A. for too long if I wasnít gonna be chillin like I used to when I was out there so I up and left.  So since theyíd kind of treated me as an outsider to their crew I started getting in the local battle scene back in KC so I felt like if I ainít a part of their crew why not use it as fuel and battle those dudes so we beefed for a couple years

Thatís my version of the story, I know they have another and everyoneís entitled to their own opinion (not that anyone gives a fucc) but itís all past tense but then again Iím a type a nicca who lives in the past but big picture speaking Sccit a cool mufucka overall and he a real dude so I still take him as a homie

"I will make records as big or bigger than Death Row".   -Dre, Source 1996

"I didn't do nothing but make people money and I didn't leave nobody high and dry.  Any album (on death row) people are going to check for.  But it's time for Dre to worry about Dre.  I'm focused on the new Snoop Doggs, not like that but you know what I mean."

Dre -  Source 1996 cover

"Eminem will be bigger than Michael Jackson as long as he doesn't change."

-Dre, Rolling Stones mag 1999 Em cover

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If you dont have any haters
« Reply #26 on: October 13, 2019, 10:01:44 AM »
This is the 1st episode of Arrow I have watched where I was bored by everything that was going on. The only saving grace in the episode was Sin and it was also nice to see Deathstroke.