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lol mmlp2 is a 5 mic classic compared to this garbo


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This album is a lot better than Eminems Marshal Mathers LP2. The Overall feel is way better and the production come together way better than
expected. Rick Rubin is starting to work with Eminem tracks now. Just take "Walk On Water" (feat. Beyonce) produced by Rubin what a great way to start with as a first single. Great subject matter and the lyrics make you feel something. "Believe" is one of the best songs I've heard from Em.
"Chloraseptic" (feat. Presher) is one some next level shit and couldn't be left out of this kind of album. Eminem is always on some next shiet.
"Untouchable" didn't really speak to me at first but after a few listen I totally get why this song was a must have on the CD. Em is real.
"River" (feat. Ed Sheeran) is a pop-single more of less but it works for everybody and isn't something that could get left out of this album.
"Revival" (Interlude) is very good.
"Bad Husband" (feat. X Ambassadors) is also one of the best tracks on the album. Em comes clear.
"Tragic Endings" (feat. Skylar Grey) is one of those Em-songs you just gotta love, at least I did. I like Skylar Grey and the subject matter is real.
"Framed" is classic Eminem-shit and is greatly produced by Fred Wreck. Wouldn't be a great album without this track. Love the video.
"Nowhere Fast" (feat. Kehlani) is a fresh sounding track that definitely works on the radio like all of Ems music need to does, just realise it. He still
get-it-together both lyrically and production-wise nowadays.
"Castle" is a very good song and the subject matter couldn't be better. This is damn near perfectionism.
"Arose" is the best way to end an album like this. The subject matter is honest and yall can't complain how complete and how real he comes off.