Author Topic: Low MB (O.F.T.B.) talks about “Who Killed Tupac?” & “Still Thuggin” compilation  (Read 251 times)


Low M.B. from the legendary 1990s rap group O.F.T.B. who was signed to Death Row Records during the mid 1990s. The group consisted of Low M.B., Flipside (RIP) and Bust Stop. The group developed a relatioship with Tupac when he signed to Death Row in 1995, and Low actually knew Tupac before they were label mates.

OFTB appeared on 5 Death Row produced movie sound tracks and they released one album, before signing with Death Row. Low grew up in Watts, right outside the Nickerson Gardens public housing projects where he spent much of youth. All the members of OFTB were members of the Bounty Hunter Bloods, and in 2013, Flipside was gunned down by a Grape Street Crip in Watts. Low recently appeared on docu-show “Who Killed Tupac?” on A&E which led to a music compilation project called “Still Thuggin” in which he is on the second single entitled, “” he recorded with Macadoshis. The first single is entitled “Ambitionz” by Macmall, Money B and Yukmouth.

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