Author Topic: To My Dad I Never Knew  (Read 590 times)

Infinite Trapped in 1996

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To My Dad I Never Knew
« on: March 02, 2018, 06:36:40 AM »
Cut the placenta,
Let it bleed indefinitely
Bleed eternally,
Blood that never clots
Born but never rots
Rott with thoughts
That nobody else gots
That nobody else knows
And nobody else holds
Cards that fold
Cards Iím burdened in turn to hold
But not knowing
Bought and sold
Bludgening What Could of been burgeoning
What a burden itís been
The things I ainít been told

Let it bleed bleed bleed
Eternally your seed
Fruit is produced under
A manufactured light
Sun extinguished
Candle put in place to sight
Instead of Allahís eternal light

Let it bleed and bleed into
The bottomless pit
Let it create fits
Poking at shadows in the night
Beyond mind and beyond sight

Never seen my father
Oh Iím so sorry to bother
So sorry to speak
Made to think it never happened
A miraculous allusion you just have to fathom
Or conjure up
No one to tell
Or to give a flying fuck
Shit, Damn, Mutherfucker
8th grader and Deangelo plays
Iím fucking my brown sugar babe
Iím wondering if this summer will be the best one made

Iím wondering thoughts lost in childhood bliss
Night fits and fists of fire
Thereís a new day coming and a new jinn
To put an end to this and thus begins
A quest for lost wisdom and lost wishes unspoken
Hopin, to break this ficcaz chest open

2pac, where you at?
Hip hop Jesus with many believers
Dying in 1996
Fatherless child,
Some bastardódidnít even know it was his

Anger wouldnít let me feel for a stranger
Medical miracles, Gattica and Ethan Hawke,
Worshipping the false messiah medical industry cross
All evidence and identity of my father purposefully lost
If youve seen him tell Iím still here floating the bottomless pit
Mutherfucker, damn, and shit
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Re: To My Dad I Never Knew
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nice real nice


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Re: To My Dad I Never Knew
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Ayy man that was deep. I liked it I used to write poetry. Brought me back, yours is good though bro keep writing. Your good.