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deeper past deeper future
« on: March 10, 2018, 10:24:55 AM »
Father, medical student, scientific experimental
proud to be contributing secretly me thinks
Excelled in the advancements of modern scientifics
advancing with risks and befitting educational requirements
Messages of mystics a sorcerers benefits
Greek Gods could possibly come up with such shit/
Adventurous and genetically gifted yet distant
as the clouds that bearded men look down upon men
from very unique letting his seed be sowed and brought
up by mysterious men giving him off into the cosmos
or down a river like Moses I suppose it's King Aurthur and Merlin
or Sundiata, like Lion King lost from his Father proper
looks to the sky as tear touches his eye
negatively distant from me or lack of intimacy
or practically just gave me up I suppose and such
or gave a gift, who know what the fuck
Negative behaivor either triggered by doing a favor
or needing the dollar, greedy and speedy suppose
his childhood raised born to hustle and tustle to move on
Must of been moving with the speed of rubicon
Well off enough to get to where he was going
better college than me but no chance to be knowing his seed
Control dramas used were likely never abused but clear thinking
as much as he could choose each and every thought without lose
Most important to him was making it and experimental experiential suppose
or thinking clearly and tinkering around without different situations no one knows
Experiment and Go For it Creedo like the movie Creed is Me
Missing the elements of family a destiny he chose
and so a thing grows with 10 toes and 10 fingers
had he had more time maybe he'd of thought of decision
but all in and clear conscious clearly driven to the end
Like my father, young at 5 with all the states of mind
and self-control mind-control and matching
but distant and differences with family lineages be enacting
In order to succeed must take the risk take the pill water the seed
experimenting with adventure time travelling and speed
but consciously we proceed, I want to be more time-taking
more thoughtful and reflective, grateful for life, grateful to Greek Gods
Salute the Zues, much respected, Forgive my father for not giving me a tomorrow
just a decision just a gene, developing my seed and trying to bind back to my gene
Mother did activities but unfullfilled actually,
excelled in attentitiveness and sensitiveness at times but intermittent
attentive, nice, but again intermittent with it,
intermittent nothing definitive
unrealized, unactualized, circumscribed, unrefined
undepth, much regret, poor and active american pie
guilt was used feeling sorry I suppose yet not sure
made the choice to be concerned, not yet learn
feign the action without satisfaction but at least it's close enough traditional
most important were to cover up the warts with blankets
and move on enabled to live the picket fences creedos
don't feel sorry for yourself, put a smile on that face
fake it till you make it, and all that artifice that goes
but missing actualization and sense of self and in that unseen
and that which is hidden, and harmonious that should be within men
had more time more education maybe more faking and more wasting
attitude towards me was hopes I could be fitting that square peg in round hole
but my pieces don't fit, when in drama hold up hands shit hits the fans
lay on back, or drivent to higher purpose to react in reaching for the sky
I'm most like her in my nicities but most negatively in helpless
in order to succeed I must be stealth with, best wheel forward
I move toward experiments with full potential
want to be more info informative on how to live and existential
grateful for life and birth and a purse to match
willing to forgive not entertaining me
so I'm developing the antidote existentially

Feel as if it was all a surprise
even if it's right in front of my eyes
passing the middle passage and
making past was the magic up
and over the abyss
with diamonds and jewels in the midst
and picked them up what seemed an endless
stream of pendents
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Re: deeper past deeper future
« Reply #1 on: March 10, 2018, 12:27:48 PM »
Experimentel never sentimental
credentials feel essential when ur life is fundamentel
I’m not judgemental .. but for better or for worse
We all play our part till we settle in a hearse
Till we rollin to the grave in the spot we end up restin
So until that day comes just enjoy what you invest in

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Re: deeper past deeper future
« Reply #2 on: March 10, 2018, 06:04:59 PM »
i like this