Author Topic: In The Trunk: Too Short, Shorty B & Ant Banks “Black Panther” (Interview)  (Read 426 times)


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In The Trunk: Too Short, Shorty B & Ant Banks “Black Panther” (Interview)


Pioneering west coast rapper Too Short’s “In the Trunk” song bumps majestically during the opening scene of Ryan Coogler’s Black Panther movie. When the Marvel Studios movie opens, it’s Oakland, California circa 1992, with kids playing basketball in the park, as the bay area anthem “In the Trunk” serves as the soundtrack to sonically epitomize an era and time period. It was dope.

“In the Trunk” is vintage Too Short spitting effortlessly over a bass-heavy, Barry White drum loop. Also, the lead-single 26 years ago to the Shorty the Pimp album, “In the Trunk” proudly displays the funk with which the song was built upon. With Too Short providing his unique, laid back flow, Shorty B brilliantly compliments the beat with a funky bassline that rolls coolly through the song.

DubCNN sat down with Too Short, Shorty B, and Ant Banks of the Dangerous Crew to discuss the inclusion of “In The Trunk” in the Black Panther movie, the process of making the record, how they found out about the song being in the movie, the accuracy of the representation of Oakland in the movie, and more.


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shit when i came out the cinema i tweet this:

neva eva think that once again a marvel blockbuster gonna openiing with too short.

shit this is incredible.

and thats a funny thing they gonna make the biggest money in their career if the got paid right after this.


I'm an ol' school collecta from the 90's SO F.CK DIGITAL, RELEASE A CD!


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mozzy at the end too
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