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Middle Passage
« on: March 24, 2018, 07:43:37 AM »
Praying to God—get me passed this middle passage
10 years I’ve been at this
Nearly ready to give up
Like man on last luck and loot not giving a fuck
To boot feeling the boot on the head
Tired of fed false notions of American dreams
Living miskeen a life of a being turned sinister
I can remember when I was like fuck um all
Hang um high, let them die—4 I saw the light
Lord forgive me—dream life A to Z could this heaven be for real
Cause I feel fearful I may not pass
The middle passage so I ask—God and everyday
Send a prayer up waiting for answer and forgiveness of sins
Will this poverty end will my potential begin
Best foot forward with refinement
Harmonious with the Earth
I sleep on my back on the dirt
With the sky as a canopy
I believe in the the minimalist existence
Enchanted with contentment
I meant that one can fast a Friday straight
And find contentment in the break-fast
Ftar—smoke a Cuban cigar, this too shall pass
The time I tried to pass the middle passage
Was savage enough, a closed eyed risk
Like that of my deadbeat dad, only more calculated
With more time to make it
Tried to have my system updated
When I stood on the bridge next to the ledge
And knew to stay still would still be falling off
Or be lost in monotony
So like that I was off—into the centuries into the cosmos
But it was not without pause
At the pause at the Internet cafe
I prayed to make it but afraid of life endangered
Worst fears realiZed like being chained up while dogs bite
Is there a sanctuary in site
But still I made dua first day that Allah
Might alter my plight
Saw the light and moved back but it was derision
And deride in my previous vision
That pushed my back to the side
Angle and dangled me right
Made it thru and made it to the greatest jewel of my life
Only to lose but still make it thru to the other side
Now my dad—inherited genetic discoveries
Has taken me on yet another ride
Catch a grip
Catch the center
And remember that every movement increases the flexibility
Steadily moving in step with the Earth—harmony
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and I was like damn ;)