Author Topic: New Battlecat beat off Young Buck new album exec produced by Dr Dre & 50 Cent  (Read 1527 times)


why is dre exec producing a young buck album??

Dre owes Buck (Vibe Awards 04)

I forgot about that. I bet that really does have something to do with this.

Stab a muthafucka and Dre will exec produce your album 15 years later  8)
Dre already repaid the favour back in 2007 when Bucks Sophomore album Buck The World came out...Dre produced 2 cuts on it and one of them was a single with a video. This just them reconnecting...which is dope lol

Both songs had videos.
And both were the dopest joints on the album. Dre gave him some heat. Battlecat's beats are hit or miss (more hit than miss though and  when it's hit its homerun hit) but with Dre and 50 picking the songs and Buck doing what he do on the mic, should be super dope.