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Westcoast Stone Interview
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I had the pleasure to do a lil interview
Really nice and talented dude
U have to check him out if u not already did

Westcoast Stone Produced tracks for such artists as
Nipsey Hussle,BobbyValentino,Snoop Dogg , Suga Free, Messy Marv, Kurupt and George Clinton
But the first time I started looking for your stuff was when u produced/featured Kokane!
Westcoast Stone productions bring a sense of laid-back, funky soul for any artist in which he collaborate
Full Bio (

1.I have to ask
How did u get your Name ?

I got my name Westcoast Stone from when I used to breakdance

2. So you got your name from your Breakdance past !
Is that why you are into poplock music?
Did you also DJ first or went right away to producing?

No I didn't DJ first pop lock music came from when I used to pop lock And break dance back in my days but I figured that the people like the music that I do and it's easy for them to dance to it and Pop Lock to it so I just started going with it.

3.How do you produce?
Digging Samples,or keys/drums first or....?

I don't know it depends sometimes I start with my drums sometime I start with the Melody I mean really can't say.

4.Whats your Production Equipment ?
 (Nerd Talk lol)

The equipment I use is basically the Moog sub 37 the motif X6 and the mashine and some live guitars and bass and sometimes live drums it depends on the track but I usually like to go with a lot of playing or even sampling my own sounds live if I can fit it in there.

5. Dah Dah is mostly known as the video guy
How did you hooked up with him and how come doing an full album with him ?

It's funny because actually Dah dah is a good writer I've been knowing
dah dah for a minute he got me some placements in the movie and we work
well together. We started working on a couple songs and just decided that
let's just do album and see what becomes of it look back at the songs we've
done and there was a lot of them so we was like man we got an album worth
of work so we ran with it lol.

6. Speaking of the Westcoast Stone/Dah Dah Album Oldies and goodies
What can u tell us about the album

We wanted to bring that old-school sound back that Dramatics ,
Stylistics You know we we wanted to to bring that feeling back cuz we was
from that era you know our Mom and Dad listen to that type of music ,
that's what we was brought up on I feel like that that's the real music .
Plus it's something different from what everybody else is doing lot of
people out there are sounding the same and the music is meaningless doesn't
have any seasoning in the gumbo.

7. I dig that
I am always open for some nice old-school music
Any other upcoming music you want to talk about?

Yes I have my album I'm working on now is called mammoth and I have
salute the West 2 and the oldies and Goodies album so I'm trying to drop
those at all at the same time back to back

8.What you been up to these days ?
We can catch you live too?

I got a couple tours coming up in France , Japan Tokyo , Germany and in
state also this summer you can follow me on my Instagram WestCoastStone my
Twitter slunk music .I'm always going to put out records

9. And now the questions of all questions LOL
Is there anybody you want to work with ?
Dead or Alive

Yeah I would have liked to work with Rick James I think we have both
would been some monsters we could have made some  cool music I talk to him
before he passed away he really was diggin my vibe. but we never got a
chance to work together you know but it was nice talkin to him and it was
nice knowing that he like my music and wanted to work with me

10. If I want to get in contact with you business or non-business wise
Do you got a website and/or Twitter etc

For Beats you can get in touch with me either on
Instagram@westcoaststone my Twitter@slunkmusic or email . Check out my videos on vevo and youtube also
for digital downloads my music is available now on iTunes, Amazon , Google
play , pandora , spotify
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