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Poems To God (Not checking for grammatical errors)
« on: May 10, 2018, 11:47:12 PM »
I wonít blame you for their actions God just as I choose to accept my own
We each are responsible for what we choose to condone
Iím trying to do better God
I struggle everyday
These Devils speak inside my mind asking why you do not save
And yet I must admit just as I chose to wrong
It was simply me employing my free will and so in song
I choose to accept my failings
I know man is but vain
Feels justified abusing those who trespass in his way
I choose not to blame you dear God
It is but the way of life
We do as we please so easily or succumb to fear and fright
There are many innocents in this world at risk of sick abuse
Through no fault of their own they are exploited and refused
The devils say ďWhere is your GodĒ as they prod and poke
As if you donít exist and my faith is but a joke
But I choose to believe in you God
That the day Iím destined to die
Surely youíll reward me for all I had survived
Struggle is an avenue for those of mal intent
With deliberate precision they choose to abuse and neglect
And yet there are sweet mercies of which Iím sure you do inspire
And so I shall thank you humbly before I meet my demise
They ac as if youíre powerless as what God would permit
Such horror and degradation and yet they choose not to admit
That they do it all so willingly
No man forces their hand
And for those who are forced to abuse I choose to demand
That you reward all the victims of this cruel and callous world
Wether here and now or in the afterlife
I hope for Heaven for all your pearls
Your precious gems have suffered as man saw within your seed
A means of profit
I canít stop it
But you best believe
That there is a glory to be had though weary of this life
Surely God has saw thee and chose to reward for all your strife
Grant those of us that are oppressed consolation and peace of mind
Strike down on those devils who so sinfully desecrate mankind
I know itís not your fault God
It simply is free will
And so I choose to love you despite those who seek a thrill
In depriving and describing the sick things they choose to do
I know itís not your fault God
Itís just what devils do

Thanks for another day God
Another day to appreciate
Bask in all your beauty
Give thanks as I pray
Knowing freedomís fragile
Knowing the feeling of being saved
Even if only for one more blessed day
Itís a fascinating world God
If you are blessed with sight so clear
If you can see past all the evil
Or just rejoice that you are here
Acknowledgement of my privileges
Accepting of my flaws
Yet Iím blessed with one more day to try and better myself my Lord
Thank you for allowing my the chance to look within
Recognize my futility and repent of all my sins
Remain mindful of the risks yet survive despite the fear
Hopefully Iíll be able to reflect should these devils choose to appear
Just one of many righteous days where Iím free to thank you and explore
Iím quite content I must admit
I feel no need to ask for more
Yet if I were pressed to ask of you anything I must say
I just want the opportunity to have another lovely day
My scars are mere reminders of the troubles I have fought
My doubts and fears and worries are nothing compared to all the joy youíve bought
I often take account of my good fortune and feel vain
As not all are accustomed to the wonder I feel each day
I ponder potential realities as itís a fact I am at risk
I try to limit the potential means one may employ against me to get rich
Or sometimes I just accept the fact that many men feel brave
Imposing themselves on others
I guess thatís why each day I feel saved
I am aware that freedoms fleeting and some succumb to exploiting
I think of years gone by and remember a time when I felt a spiritual anointing
My fragile mind is weathered
I feel tethered to this place
Then remember having no where to go nor any chance of escape
And yet I find myself here and now
Appreciating another day
Just to thank you with sincerity
Feeling humble as I pray
Should you bless me once again to arise feeling so saved
I hope to bask in the effervescent beauty of the gift which is the day

So many people suffer God.
This world is so unjust.
People are deliberately mislead then expected to seethe with such disgust.
They pit us against each other delighting in the display.
Some take what they can get given they may not see another day.
Do you forgive the child taught to sin by cruel parents who thrive on pain?
Do you despise the lies they feed us knowing for them it serves a gain?
Are we granted a reprieve having done our utmost to survive?
Thereís so many situations that can befall us or arise.
Do you long for an end to this society that on the surface seems so calm.
Knowing other communities are rising up and baring arms.
Do you hope for us to prosper despite the ruin in which we live?
Do you care for the man so shallow he compares me to a pig?
Iím guilty too God.
So I come to you in sin.
Hoping that youíll forgive me when the future seems so dim.
Iíve called out within the darkness and was answered.
The face said ďGodĒ
Whoís the djinn?
Me or him?
Will you be my beacon in the fog?
Iím resigning God.
Iíve conceded it is so.
I canít compete with a whole army.
I canít keep going to and fro.
I canít keep going back and forth only to find myself in the same place it was I was abused and refused with such disdain.
I know Iím just repeating myself.
Itís the same thing every day.
2 steps forward 4 steps back and they call my life a game.
They gamble with our welfare.
They feel oh so above.
Look down their noses condescendingly.
So I try to envision love.
Iíve trusted so many so effortlessly only to realize it was wrong.
My foolish procrastinating hoping to belong.
It seems it is just me now.
Unless Iíd like to hear more lies.
I reach out yet I am unconvinced.
This has happened many times.
So I ask you God.
What am I to do?
If anything at all?
Should I just wait with such reluctance rather than cast judgement on them all?
I canít change the past.
And yes it still hurts.
I canít make amends despite how I try.
So I ask of you, if you hear my truth, accept my soul when I finally die.

They donít want to relinquish their grasp upon mankind.
They simply see us as commodities that can build upon their empires.
Why is man corrupt God?
Why do we despise?
Why do we ridicule each other with gleams of evil in our eyes?
Is money truly evil?
They have us dependant on it daily.
Iíve tried to survive frugally.
Seems Iím simply failing.
I remember when I was a Christian.
Didnít want to be baptized until Iíd rid myself of addiction.
The pastor told me it was fine.
Iím still addicted to these cancer sticks.
Iím degrading the temple that is me.
Is life just a series of addictions where no man can be free?
They play like puppet masters.
We seek escape through substances and highs.
Itís actually a psychological warfare being rort upon our minds.
Even now that I no longer use drugs or abuse wine.
Theyíve prescribed me medication but didnít tell me itís addictive.
Should I resign?
I canít beat the system any better than those who tried before.
Considering they threaten torture I find it merciful Iím being whored.
Above the law, long arm of the law, outlaw, what have you will.
It seems weíre merely currency in a world that thrives on thrill.
An escape from the drudgery and painstaking efforts of the day.
I actually miss working a decent job these days.
True, I lost every job cos I kept losing my mind.
Now my days are empty and I succumb to frivolous desire.
Iím know I am quite fortunate in terms of my here and now.
And yes, I do truly savor it knowing I could potentially go without.
I feel rich at times granted the opportunity to learn.
I feel humble admitting all my faults although others hope I burn.
Iíve said things like ďsuffer the gluttonyĒ and ďI hope youíre never satisfiedĒ
Iím far from perfect, still many a wonder weighs on my fragile mind.
Is it wise to be conceited?
Is it intelligent to detest?
Are we prone to escalation of abuse?
Is this a test?
Life is not a dress rehearsal.
This is it.
Itís the real thing.
Should I put down all I ponder and commit another sin?
They say no pain no gain.
Maybe you canít win unless you sin.

Iím just gonna spend whatever precious time I have left talkin to God.
A God that canít be corrupted.
A God I look up to.
A God above.
A God who wants only good for his children.
A God that loves.
A God that grants us wisdom, hindsight, forethought.
A God I want.
A God that will make a place for me in his kingdom.
A God Iíll fear.
Just as I hallucinated his face and was frightened when he spoke his name.
A God Iíll revere.
A God that all can trust in.
I God that I donít blame for the actions of men who profit from our pain.
Dear God.
Iím sure youíve heard it all before.
Every cry for mercy or cry of war.
Dear God.
Youíre all Iíve got.
I place faith in no more than you and your beautiful reward I shall receive once my life is through.
Dear God.
Please watch over all the victims in this world.
Grant them solace.
Grant them justice.
I pray their cries are heard.
Dear God.
If youíre listening I hope you understand.
Itís not that Iím ungrateful I just donít trust my fellow man.
Yet all throughout my life you were waiting for me to find the wonders of your grace and graciousness so here in kind I will thank you for your favour knowing there will quite likely come a time where I have not the fortune nor capacity to express whatís on my mind.

Dear God
Why does man despise?
Those of us who have shed so many tears within our lives
People have been asking since the Bible times
Why you have forsaken us
Do you not value our lives?
So many men have perished
Others have survived
Only to fall victim
Do you not see within our eyes
The hurts that have befallen us
Is it simply an action of the wise
To desecrate and degrade our fellow men despite their pride
Dear God
I do ask of you
An earthly redemption for our souls
Please intervene for those abused and treated so callously and cold
Please grant each man a mercy where he can love himself again
Where he chooses not to abuse his fellow women and men
Dear God
I ask so meekly that you should shine your light upon
Those of us convinced that the only answer is to wrong
Show each of us your love so that we may move along
Independent of the terrors that they threaten upon our souls
Dear God
Is it vain of me to hope that you just might
Grant wisdom, mercy, valour and an escape from all the fright
Fearfully we agree to commit another wrong
Dear God I do ask of thee humbly and within song
Grant us reprieve from devilish deeds
Let each man be his own
Allow us recognition and a place to call our home
Dear God
If it be not much
Please grant my sole request
That you alleviate each man of hate and help him to invest

Can you hear me God?
I beseech you.
I come to you in need.
I ask of you your favor in hopes that I may heed.
I take note of the warnings and in past times I tried to war.
Now I am just meekly seeking your favor and reward.
I ask of you, should my troubles worsen, let me in.
Save a place for me in Heaven where Iím free of all this sin.
Where there exists no corruption.
Where exploitation does not permit abuse of any persons and weíre free of all this shit.
Iím swearing to you God yet I am not using your name in vain.
There has to be a better way where weíre free of all this pain.
Grant mercy on all your children who suffer.
Let their sufferance pave a way to the glories in store in the afterlife.
I ask of you once again.
Iíve been wayward.
I was not raised within a home that believed.
Should I respect those who dismiss you?
Should I bow to lust and greed.
They say that you are merciful.
They say you are a jealous God.
They say you will exact a vengeance on those who willfully abuse and rob.
Itís been a long time coming.
Seems throughout the ages people smite.
Willingly they seek in me a profit born of spite.
It seems the world revolves around taking advantage and abuse.
From victim to victimizer.
Is misery the only truth?
Does the tyrant have a conscience?
Where are the countless victims whoíve come and gone.
Is there any justice in the afterlife?
Why is it I was born?
Iíve tried to become a better person, woman & human being.
Still Iím unsure if it matters at all.
They say ďYouíll never be unseenĒ
They seek to repeat all the horrors that have been practiced throughout the times.
Tell me GodÖ..
Do you care for your children as tears fall from their eyes?
Do you justify abuse?
Do you value monetary gains?
Is material might the only exploit worthy of your praise?
Will you rain down upon the oppressor ever?
Will you reward the fallen man who seeks a just reprieve in you or are we all destined to be damned?

Feeling blessed granted another day of peace
Hoping to use it wisely rather than spitefully take digs
Try to forget those whoíve designs on my downfall
Just appreciate another blessed day and so I write this morn
Usually I feel overwhelmed by troubles which are many
I succumb to anger and frustration as my burden feels so heavy
Today I have arisen with a complimentary peace of mind
And so I hope to capture it in this simple little rhyme
The sky is blue
The clouds have cleared as has my perception
I can recognize my fortune and see yesterday as another lesson
Iíve been granted the opportunity to reflect on positives and joys
I hope to savor it to itís full extent despite the constant ploys
I can be mindful of my circumstance yet hopeful all the same
That innate human desire to survive despite the pain
Often times Iím overcome by negatives I canít control
So as I ponder on the day ahead I hope to treasure it like gold
Iíll just enjoy my simple pleasures with an amiable state of mind
Be patient with myself should I be overcome with negatives and in kind
Grant myself some solace as I only need to please myself
Unlike yesterday where I felt so engrossed with rage and my ill health
Itís quite rare these days to find myself feeling uplifted or fanciful
I often pray within my humble home hoping for escape feeling hateful
Yet the moment I arose and made my bed today
I simply felt appreciative and feel the need to say
Thank you God
Iím sure itís you thatís inspired the mercy that breathes me life
Iím sure it is your favour that inspires the enemy to give me respite
Iím sure itís you that witnessed me ever since I was child
Just as Iím sure itís you who grants me my present peace of mind
Watch over all the victims
Grant them justice, solace, love
Grant them a conviction that canít be robbed of them
A trust
Grant all your blessed children a day as beautiful as is mine
That they too may be free of pain and angst and blessed with peace of mind

(If you managed to read all that I gotta admit I was slightly motivated to write these poems after hearing Snoops "One More Day" from Bible Of Love but it's mostly my fears and despair that have provoked me to appease God in song.)