Author Topic: Fin - Plagiarising West Side Connection, However Pathetically.  (Read 585 times)

Ebony Bree Caple

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The crucifixion is non-fiction.
They wanna beat you into submission.
Cos they know theyíre nobody without a fuckin victim.
Not to be confused with prediction.
Iíll go out the same way I came in.
Need a description?
No restrictions just like Pulp Fiction.

Their evil is like a prescription.
Stickin to the script like a fiend stuck in addiction.
Like it hot?
Get your twat in the kitchen.
Kickin up shit fore ya get ya shit kicked in.
Nobody wanna go 2 hell but everybody wanna live in sin.
Callin yaself a soldier steady dodgin conscription.

Subtracting my ass like a mathematician
I need additions
Additionally I need to stop dissin cos I cant spit for shit
Men, women and children
Victimized for avoiding extinction
Victimized simply for existing

Apparently the characters trigger fingers itchin.
Muthafuckin Nazi said "assume the position"
Heads up honey!!!!
These wanna be hitlers is into fistin.
Got less sense than a house pet.
Big fish?
Im going fishin.
Im shook but you hooked on my lack of discipline.
Dismissing em.
Donít need no permission.
Who the punk.
Whoís big pimpin.
Pushin pumpkins and it isnít even Halloween.
Im hissin.
Im a snake.
You just a fake.
I hear ya but Iím not listenin.
Youíre not that interestin.
Iím on a solo mission.
You pissed cos ya wished Iíd end up in fuckin prison.

Iíll rise from the grave and get revenge like a Wiccan.
Thank Jesus for his sacrifice.
A sacrificial Christian.
You the one preyin on the people.
No ones fuckin innocent.
Itís no coincidence.
Coincidentally Iím revisionin.
Revising all my memories and SOMETHINS come up missin.

Picked up a knife once or twice but Im not in the mood for shivvin
Keep bitchin
Bludge off my talents
I hope the insults cut like an incision
You abuse with no consideration of consequences
No indecision
Deliberate defamation metered out with pure precision

The actual definitions of your actions is terrorism
Just cos youíre white donít make it right
Despite indifference or different opinions
And I wont even get a grave
Thereís no tombstone
So fuck inscriptions
Itís just the way of a cruel world where weíre ALL potential victims