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Ebony Bree Caple

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Random Shite - Short & Sour
« on: May 11, 2018, 12:17:26 AM »
Lyrically I aspire to be the poet that survives the greed, torture, torment, lies & hate without succumbing to the devils bait.
He lures you in with smiles and charm in his attempt to claim your soul, disarm, & palm you off as weak & cheap till there's nothing left except defeat.

U can't earn his faith, trust or respect. He seeks for u 2 feel inept. Struggle, grasping, gasping 4 breath. His shallows r out of your depth. And yet u persevere within. Treading waters when u just can't swim. Unless you pander 2 his whims, against your will & live in sin.

And yes. It's all been done before. Some are steadfast in the age old lore. We ask for peace. They give us war. What more could I ask for? So sure and yet I doubt the law. Everything’s corrupt. Faith no more. Exploring pain explained as raw. They gain from horror core and gore.

And my story is not one of glory or glamour, game or gain. So indiscriminately they indifferently desecrate my given name. There's no justice. It's just us. Just me, myself and I. So poorly rewarded & yet 2 them my pains a prize. U can't disguise the lies despite how hard u try