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In The Event Of My Demise
« on: May 15, 2018, 11:53:06 PM »
Sickened by these deamons God
Apparently itís wise
To deliberately mislead and plot and plan another mans demise
So I give up God
Thereís no justice to be had
Iím tired of the struggle
Iím sick of bein driven mad
Iím at my wits end and weíve barely bloody started
Itís just repetitive abuse
Canít wait till Iíve departed
Cut ties with this world and rest in the peace of death.
Oh but thereís so much more  to come
Thereís so much sufferance left
Fuck em God
Have at it
No mean feat defeating me
Iím tired of the drama
Theyíre no more than a disease
They infect the weary, the vulnerable, the ignorant
With such ease
So fuck em all to hell God
Cos hell is what they want for me
I hope it haunts them to their core
All the victims theyíve abused
I hope they seethe with self disgust
I hope they suffer as a due
For all the riches theyíve accumulated through devilry and sin
I hope every single penny profiteered adds to their loss
That is my win
A whim to some
A given to many
A commodity to those
Who see profit in abuse and have no desire to learn or grow
If the aim of the game is to seek reward in hurt and pain
I pray Iím rewarded in the afterlife which is where theyíll meet their own disgusting shame
If Iím meant to pray that my oppressor finds justice, love or faith
Iíll do so in the hope they donít ruin anothers fate
Seriously God
Iím taken by anger right here
So much so
I wanna destroy these evil parasites so the rest of us can know
A security
Peace and power
A success thatís not dependent on keeping others trapped or prized
Valued for their victimhoood
True valour is not debase
True courage is born of men who defy the tyrant to his face
True justice arises from those suffering who find the strength to persevere
Who refuse to exploit the defenseless and instead choose to revere
Who look us each square in our eye and with an honest, faithful, just, respect
Hope that we may prosper despite the trials one has met
So here it is God
These could quite likely be my last words spoken free
Thank you for the chance to develop a little integrity
Thank you for the joys and the lessons I have learned
If these devils wanna give me hell on earth Iíll wish them an eternity to burn

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