Author Topic: Irrelevant shit written in the psych ward  (Read 388 times)

Ebony Bree Caple

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Irrelevant shit written in the psych ward
« on: May 23, 2018, 01:09:21 AM »
Its just a fact of life
People suffer everyday
Nobody actually gives a fuck despite the shit they say
Its all about the big man
Nobody wanna be a small
So fuck yas all to hell and back
That’s right cunt
Fuck yas all

Its not about having standards
Its not about passing any test
Its all about whos the baddest
Disgusting shit is the best

So fuck you
Ya crew
Ya family
Affiliates and friends
Do anything for a dollar
Its all about them ends

There is no justice
Its just us
Just me against the world
Just me
Lil ole Ebony
An insignificant lil girl