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The Harvest
« on: May 26, 2018, 10:43:50 PM »
He said “I hope you suffer”
I said “Im sorry you feel that way”
I dont wanna be consumed with hate or livid rage
He looked upon me so dismissively
Then he said I was a slave
Because I enjoyed being helpful and cleaning every other day
He said “You’ve got a reputation”
I thought “rumours are like grapes”
They grow in such abundance
Some are sour to the taste
He never said he loved me
I was blinded by the lust
Now I choose to be recluse rather than invest my trust
Memories scattered like the petals of a rose in bloom on a windy day
Some people try to savor them placing them within a vase
Still they wilter
What was beautiful will age just like the day
We arise to the sun shining only for the glow to wane
Prayed for rain
The heavens answered
Moisture seeps into the soil
To produce the fruit of labors
Tilled to provide the spoils
Planting seeds with generosity
Hoping to harvest on full moon
The seasons change accordingly
As do the foods consumed
Treating the cycles and the currents and the tides as tidings come
Wishing each of them rise as naturally as the yeast within the bun
Such simple pleasure to provide
Such delight in proof of works
Yet the defiant try to capture it
Leaving many of us hurt
Nothings ever good enough
So nothings what you’ll get
How could I remember if I cant even forget
Threats so pestilent and meant to intimidate
They seek out insecurity
To control anothers fate
They play on passion
Lust and pride
Promises of eternity
Biddings to his bride
Its enough just to arise where I have chosen to lay
Blessed to see with sanity the security of a day
Where Im granted just reprieve
To bask in freedoms given
It is more than likely or more so possible that they hunt me for the thrill
I’ve ran from danger many times
Other times I stood my ground
Either way the imposition left my face adorned with frowns
Lips turned down
I tried to smile
But the picture never lied
I was panicked with a worry that I might have been with child
Then again it often comes to mind I may have been sterilized
Its just a matter of what for some is fact
I repeat these truths so often that it keeps my mind entrapped
I usually only recall these things when I find myself unwell
Once again I succumb to hallucinations like a spell
I’ve seen smoke appear within a room having never lit a match
Heard 21 gun salutes
Tossed coins that you cant catch
Saw a man appear and vanish before my very eyes
Had visions so intense they blew my bloody mind
Been mesmorized by voices
Consumed by affections that can’t be seen
Written psalms and prose about gardens filled with trees
Seen faces within the depths of my most private sacred place
Felt others could feel my thoughts
Swallowed foreign tastes
Dreamed of flying since I was a child
Felt a bit like prophesy
I would soar above cities at war
Plummet down toward debris
Reminders binding memories till nothing makes any sense
Accepting I am but human and I have a weak defence
Living for the seconds then the minutes until the hour
Hoping to make it to an age where I can look back and devour
All the crazy, amazing experiences I’ve had throughout my time
And thank the heavens for my fortune once having survived