Author Topic: RTN ft. 92 - I Know (MUSIC VIDEO) single from FUNKTION str8 G-Funk album  (Read 328 times)


FUNKTION is an g-funk album produced by RTN. Premiere of the album is planned on Summer 2018.

The album features: Curren$y, Shade Sheist, Foesum, Domino, Quictamac, Big2DaBoy, Bigg Rocc, Young Koop (Lords Of Lyrics), Clinton Wayne, 92 (Casanova), Nicole Funk, Von Jackson...

"I Know" is a first single from the album.
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This is dope.  Let us know when the album drops and can give us more details about it.  Thanks.
"Detox" is a myth -- Bigfoot, Loch Ness Monster, Area 51, Iraq having WMD, get it now?  It was invented by the Aftermath marketing department to maintain the fans' attention.  Notice how everytime a new Aftermath album is ready to come out, they always mention Detox is next up?  Because they are using the invention of "Detox" as a way to market other albums.  The sooner you realize that Detox is NOT REAL, the sooner you'll feel liberated.  Oh yeah, f.u. Aftermath for fooling us fans.