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Mystery father revealed
« on: August 22, 2018, 05:03:42 AM »
My father made himself a mystery to me
Hiding his genealogy behind anonymous documents
That impacted me and freed the traditions of hiphop
To enter in and speak to me, while he studied gynecology
His sperm swam in seas of anonymity till he was paid handsomely
Living a life of luxury and a half-sister who didn’t wish to visit me
Meet the man across a dinner table a life that was fabled fiction
Till DNA technology revealed the inner birth vision
Product of my intuition and my decision to follow existentialism
As my path while fatherless rap acts pass along traditions
And while Afeni tells PAC she doesn’t know who the father is
His “anger wouldn’t let him feel for a stranger” when he thought he passed
My father made himself a mystery so at 14 I question my masculinity as 2pac passed
Looking to a man and trying to be his biology when the blood don’t match
While Dr. Dre’s releasing the Aftermath I’m taking a different path
Swinging swords at shadows in the night “shadowboxin” like Method Man
Takes me back when hip-hop was all I had, so let the tape play
While fatherless sons find manhood out in the streets and wilderness
Playing out their wildest dreams to scenes of Bishop in Juice
More than a chess game my life was smokescreen but the power of the word
To realize the truth, the booth and mic better than a wife and psychologist
Dedication tracks to mothers and sons but fathers are across distances
A generation X that grew up without witnesses
So I inherited the game put an X to my name
My lineage shrouded in mystery but I charge it to the game

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