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Rare Death Row Album?
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A1   –Various   What's Yo Name   
A2   –Maddogg (2) & The Evil Sydaz   Mobbing Wit Da Row   
A3   –Maddogg (2) & The Evil Sydaz   Yak & A Sak   
A4   –Maddogg (2) & The Evil Sydaz   Panty Patrol
Vocals – Bloody Mary, Charity (11)
A5   –Maddogg (2) & The Evil Sydaz   Lost Love Ones   
A6   –Maddogg (2) & The Evil Sydaz   Smoking Roaches
Featuring – G-Eyes
A7   –Maddogg (2) & The Evil Sydaz   Mobbing Wit Da Row (Reprise)   
B1   –Maddogg (2) & The Evil Sydaz   West Coast Funk
Featuring – Coco (92), G-Twinn
B2   –Yung Ridaz   Yung Ridaz   
B3   –Tripple Murda   Gee's & Doggs   
B4   –Maddogg (2) & The Evil Sydaz   Kickit Wit Da E/S
Featuring – Foxy (32), Tripple Murda
B5   –Maddogg (2) & The Evil Sydaz   Evil Side Of Me   
B6   –Maddogg (2) & The Evil Sydaz   Hard To Kill

I Remember The Evilsydaz & Maddogg From Hammers Death Row Album.

They Have Bloody Mary On The Song & 2 Part Track ,,Mobbin Wit Da Row,,

Makes Me Think It Is Connected To Death Row Records.

The Album Is Ultra Rare. Even Google Cant Find Anything Besides That Discogs Link.