Author Topic: The Worlds thoughts on Drew Breeze?  (Read 259 times)

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The Worlds thoughts on Drew Breeze?
« on: October 31, 2018, 07:42:51 PM »
 I think all time leading passer



Re: The Worlds thoughts on Drew Breeze?
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I been a Drew Brees fan since he went to Purdue.  He just might have now jumped to my no.2 favorite all time QB next to Dan Marino.  No signs of slowing down.  How come the retardgers don't have great qb's like Drew Brees  :D[He was used as their scapegoat for their front office blunders]  I don't know if it will happen with the saints but Brees is the saints only hope of finally getting the franchise above .500 record.  Or close to it.  He'll need 4 16-0 + a 14-2 seasons.  Doesn't help when it took 21 seasons to get your 1st winning record.  It can happen.  The pats, steelers[b4 1972], & yankees[b4 1920] were joke franchises & now they have great winning records.