Author Topic: FAMILY BVSINESS (Crooked i & Horsehoe Gang) “GOAT STEW” PRODUCED BY AKTIVE BEATS  (Read 712 times)


We need your help.....

Looking for latest content ----->


they released a brand new EP called the grand opening


I'm an ol' school collecta from the 90's SO F.CK DIGITAL, RELEASE A CD!

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they released a brand new EP called the grand opening

The EP is dope! Listening to this right now. 8)


Here's the link to purchase the EP:
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1nce was blind

The EP is definitely tight! Hopefully they still release a full length LP with tracks that are on par with the 5 on the EP. This will be a for sure purchase for me.

1nce was blind

New track off the Family Bvsiness- "LLC" (EP) which drops tomorrow.


The new EP is out and it's fresh. 8)

1. Fresh Out The Mud 03:21
2. Sprinkle Blue 03:32
3. Addiction 03:14
4. Chop It Up 03:32

1nce was blind

After peeping LLC briefly I am a little disappointed as I had high hopes based off of the Grand Opening EP. It is still pretty good but with 1 less track & a few likeable but not great beats it isn't exactly what I was hoping for. Still appreciate the fact that they are releasing music. I wonder if they plan on releasing a full length album & whether or not it will consist mainly of the songs which they have already released on these EP's?