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you judged a book by its cover, the demons stole your glasses
the cover blurry as shit, but you still told the masses
all your thoughts and beliefs, despite the misconceptions
you got lost in relief, you tried to ease the tension
insecurity eats you, it makes you hate on your brothers
your sisters, fathers, and mothers, it makes you hate on your lovers 
you’s a bitch for your judgement, you thought you knew but you didn’t
that hateful feelings a lie, seek the truth, free your vision
take this carrot and eat it, bitch it’s 24k
restore your vision, and listen, for every hour in a day
there’s 60 minutes of time you could spend bettering your thoughts
instead of letting your soul rot, move with the energy of GOD

Infinite Trapped in 1996

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Infinite is dead, so wave a white flag
Let the false be the real, even in my dad
What does it matter anyway, objective deceptive
Put the propaganda at a fever pitch
Put it in a pot let Betty Crocker cook the shit
Let’s just take the reverse of it all
And let’s see how it all sounds then
Sccit is a hustler, gangster beating up the streets
Making his own way in L.A. holding heavy wit the heat
Bumping heads wit the street wise G’s
And making it all on his own
Rap career blew up, got dime bitches dancing at his home
Infinite straight fuck up, dead beat dad and all that shit
Petey is a fuckin real G, mature craft producing a hit
LAMB blowing up, and if it didn’t cause Infinite spreads lies
He’s hating when he should’ve been building
And still he ain’t understanding the why’s
Sccit tried to reach out and lift him up but dude dipped
Guess Infinite’s a fuck up and that’s all there is to it
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