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Say My Name - Plagiarism
« on: November 27, 2018, 04:27:50 PM »
Say my name
My name is Ebony
I know it might seem strange
But Iím down for you and everybody been slain
Or everybody caught up in this game
They call us lame and every other kinda name
Just for gettin laid to the wayside by muthaufuckas callin life a game
I donít wanna sound vain
Or that Iím just estranged from the same tired vices that be takin lives for fame
Oh no
Donít even go there
How the fuck you gon call it corrupt and then claim that life aint fair
You was there
When I was caught out
Kept me slippin
Now Iím a sickened and you instigate a fuckin victim
Be shame
For actin like I wasnít worth the pain
When pain was all served me
Iíll say the shit again
Say my name
The eptiome of civility
You think you so superior victimizing me
Say my name
Say it till your vocal chords are strained
Iím the same bitch you said was nothin but a lame
Say my name
For every sister that ever missed ya
You treated her like a hoe then said she had no right to diss ya
Say my name
Till you realize you just a fake ass muthafucka tryin to play me out like life a game
Say my name
I hope it cuts to the core
Treatin me like a whore
Then you ask for more
Say my name
Till you feel my muthafuckin pain
You aint no different from a corrupt cop
Iíll say it again
I hope you die in vain
Treatin my life like a joke when you provoke with so much disdain
Say my name
And say it again
I hope you rot in hell for desecratin my name
Say my name
Say it till you feel overwhelmed with shame
Say my name over and over till it sinks into your brain
Say my name
Say it till you recognize we aint the same
Cut from a different cloth
Cloaked in infamy
Say it again
Say my name
The enemy of all who dole out pain

I can't remember the artist who sang the original "Say My Name" her name may be MuMu, I can't remember