Author Topic: F@!k You - Plagiarising Chance The Rapper  (Read 265 times)

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F@!k You - Plagiarising Chance The Rapper
« on: November 27, 2018, 04:57:00 PM »
Fuck you.
Fuck you.
For settin me up to get stuck.
Iím through.
With each and every last one of you gutless fucks that saw a dollar sign in my demise.
You aint nothin but sluts.
I rise above only to be cut down to size.
Cos corruption rules everything around me.
No great suprise.
Sin sells in every state, city, suburb and street.
One way in and no way out.
Iím just meat to beat.
You donít even gotta do wrong to get turned out.
Evil is the defining factor that decides ya clout.
You say I got a big mouth cos I called you on your curse.
Got me praying Iíll be delivered to my grave in a hearse.
Cos you antagonate only to justify the hate that you serve up unashamedly calling bravery fake.
You see people as commodities.
You exploit with no shame.
So fuck you.
No need to drop names.
Iím just livin day to day.
Trust me when I say.
Got no 5 year plan.
Canít expect tomorrow.
You jeer at the victim.
Thrive on our sorrow.
Applaud the overlord.
My time is simply borrowed.
So fuck you.
Iím not even lookin for applause.
Iím just speaking while havin a voice is an option ya whores.
You infecting these streets with ya lethal concoctions.
Got everyone addicted.
Every steet and block.
N Iím predictin victims doin time.
For YOUR crimes.
For buildin YOUR empires.
So fuck you.
Fuck you.
Each and every last one of you.
You wanna give us hell on earth so I hope that YOU hurt
I hope you burn for an eternity for all the hurt you serve the worthy.
Fuck you.
Fuck you.
I donít wanna do nothin but tell you all to get fucked.
All of you.
Iím through.
Got no dreams left.
Nothin but nightmares in mind.
So I suffice an empty life with my miserable rhymes.
Fuck you.

Admittedly all I stole was the "Fuck You" but I only wrote this after hearing his song.