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Until It's Them Instead Of You
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Its just the way of a cruel world where we find ourself subject to debase realities that seek for us to try and protect ourselves from living hells imposing the sin on others to escape the dark and demented fantasies of the devils who try to take our misery as an epiphany that is profitable and serves as gain for there are many who delight and revel in anothers pain. Its plain as day. They seethe with negativity. They abound in falsety and filth. They encourage degradation and convince the victim to feel guilt. We’re all vulnerable yet we convince ourselves we’re above it until we find that our demise is valued and appropriated by those who seem to find a sense of enjoyment within our neglect and a sense of security in our shame. They thrive on ill intent and convince you to participate. I’ve tried to explain it simply and I’ve complicated the harsh truth. I looked within to pinpoint where exactly I was deserved the lack of proof. I sought to come to terms with my own failings and flaws but then I looked a little deeper and discovered the intent of all their wars. How am I to take advantage of an ailment or untruth that seeks for me to feel inept regardless of what I choose to do. Am I responsible for the acts of man that serve me no good or gain. Am I to feel a sense of entitlement if the purpose is to detain. Explain away the deeds of days gone by and lend an ear to the talk of those who choose to mislead intentionally perched upon their thrones pointing fingers, whispers linger and they haunt those who unbeknownst were seen as scapegoats for the turncoats who want to profit from moans and groans and screams and dreams and nightmares that are a reality for the few while the many still have plenty but choose to victimize and spew forth obscenities of which there’s plenty and are addictive to many who choose to view abuse as justified and reasonable until its them instead of you